May 2006 Edition
Concentrated Beverages

With all the challenges facing operators today, ease of doing business is critical to your success.  Labour issues, food safety and contamination concerns, and the need to increase your profitability can be staggering. Choose the beverage program that will meet those expectations! 


Concentrated beverages have come a long way since the initial hand-mix programs that were focused on cost sensitivity and were not always the highest quality. The introduction of innovative dispensers that hook into water lines and serve from 2 to12 different products revolutionized beverage service. Concentrate and water are mixed by the dispenser, eliminating labour as well as errors.


These new systems are far less labour-intensive, and help increase profitability by speeding up service, reducing product waste and ensuring consistency. For example, a bag-in-a-box juice or carbonated drink program saves time and space by packaging the equivalent of 17 cases of cans into a single bag-in-a-box. It’s mixed and dispensed at the touch of a button, and is easier and more cost-effective to store, and much easier for staff to stock and pour.


New advances now offer portable dispensing solutions to serve beverages in places where no water lines are available. These ready-to-serve beverage units are bringing new service options to patios, golf courses and hotel lobbies that serve continental breakfasts.


Many operations require more than one type of beverage service. For example, a hotel requires several types of beverage solutions for its various outlets, including a premium line for its full-service restaurant, a bag-in-a-box program for its bar, liquid coffee concentrates for its banquet facilities, and a ready-to-serve machine for its conference rooms.


Food safety is a key priority, and is built into many beverage systems. Some offer tamper-proof bottles or dispensers that lock from the inside. One dispensing system requires no spout cleaning because each new jug comes with its own spout, ensuring that the spout is changed frequently. Innovations such as clean-in-place mechanisms and rinse-free cleaners save time and labour on maintenance for systems that require line and nozzle cleaning.

There is also a vast array of beverage products to choose from. Juice and drink concentrates have developed into many varieties of flavours and qualities to fit not only the restaurant and hotel industry, but healthcare, institutional, and many other market segments.


Brand name products, such as juice concentrates, can provide added value in several settings. For restaurant customers, the brand name is an assurance of the same quality they’ve come to know in a retail environment. In a healthcare or institutional setting, brand-name juice concentrates provide excellent nutrition and flavour, but the concentrated format reduces product and storage costs, cuts waste and requires less labour to store, dispense and serve, without affecting quality.


For core beverage programs in all areas of foodservice, Sysco provides one-stop shopping and expert service. Let your Sysco representative assist you in creating the beverage solution that meets your needs and increases your profitability.