March 2006 Edition
Sweet Success

Despite a growing awareness of health and nutrition in recent years, consumers still love to indulge in their favourite treats.  For many, desserts satisfy their cravings whether they are at home or dining out.  Among the many choices, cakes continue to be very popular.  At in-store bakeries they account for nearly 28% of all sales, more than any other baked goods category, while in Foodservice, it is well known that cakes are essential items on any dessert menu.1


Buffet cakes are the perfect dessert solution for many foodservice operators, especially for catering and buffet restaurant owners and managers.  They offer great quality, convenience, flexibility and portion control - features that are critical to the success of these businesses.  These temptations provide the versatility required for conventions, meetings, weddings, institutional cafeterias and many other venues and events.  They are also perfect birthday cakes for large gatherings and celebrations.


Consider this: According to a survey conducted by Technomic, Inc., many consumers think that away-from-home desserts are too big and have expressed a desire for smaller portions.  They have also found that, with the growth in the size of entrées at many restaurants, they are often too full to try a dessert.2 


This can be very true at buffets, where customers can choose from an array of salads and entrée items.  Eight-inch round Buffet cakes satisfy this need for downsized desserts as they yield smaller portions than the larger ten-inch standard Foodservice cakes.  They are also just pre-scored, instead of cut, allowing operators to slice them into whatever size required for better portion control. 


Consumers have also commented that they will sometimes pay more for desserts that are displayed well, as this conveys “better quality and more freshness.”  They described good presentation of desserts as “Artistic, with special touches like delicate decorations on cakes.”3 


Foodservice operators can greatly enhance dessert presentations with Buffet cakes, which are great on their own or can be dressed up with fresh fruit, coffee beans, chocolate shavings and sauces to create signature desserts that are even more enticing.  Consider creating a sampler plate of two or more varieties as a way of offering smaller portions and a larger selection at the same time.  What’s more, frozen Buffet cakes may be thawed only as needed, maintaining freshness, and since each case contains two flavours, operators can offer more variety without having to purchase a full case of each.


So, for your next function, try a decadent look for your buffet table.  Choose an assortment of these exceptional cakes and keep your customers coming back for more.


With contributions from Gourmet Baker Cakes in various forms have existed since the days of the ancient Egyptians, but cakes as we know them today only came into existence in the early nineteenth century.4


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