January 2006 Edition
Adding Appetizing Profits

Appetizers have evolved beyond their traditional role as the “opening act” to the main course.  Customers are often selecting two or three appetizers as a means to sample the menu and to share with friends.  This trend by customers means larger check averages and more operator profits!


To capitalize on this trend, Sysco is offering operators a wide variety of low cost, potato-based appetizer products that deliver high margins and increased customer satisfaction!


Some advantages to having an extensive potato-based appetizer menu include:

-          Variety – Customers have a wider choice of appetizers to choose from.

-          Versatility – Most operators serve one or more types of fries.  Creating fry-based appetizers boosts their profits and opens up vital freezer space by not having to store other frozen appetizer-only items.

-          Lower food costs – Compare wings, stuffed peppers, breaded cheese sticks and other appetizers to low cost potato items!


Expand your appetite for profits! 


To maximize the profits offered by the potato-based appetizers, customers should consider the following appetizer program:


  • Seize every opportunity to sell.  Appetizers aren’t just for dinner hours.  Suggest appetizers for all day-parts!
  • Familiarize your staff with the products.  The better they know them the easier it is to describe them and recommend favourites.  Open the box, cook the products, prepare a serving and let your staff taste for themselves.
  • Build excitement!  Consistently suggest new and interesting appetizers, and recommend fun and different ways to prepare and serve them.


Try this delicious recipe using Sysco CrissCut® fries:


Southwest Style CrissCuts

                                                                        Metric              Imperial

   Sysco CrissCut® Fries                             500 g               1 lb

   Pepper Jack Cheese, shredded                  100 g               4 oz

   Chili, prepared                                              100 g               4 oz

   Beef, seasoned, shredded                          100 g               4 oz    

   Black Beans, canned, drained                     50 g                 2 oz

   Red Bell Peppers, diced                              50 g                 2 oz

   Salsa                                                                        50 g                 2 oz

   Green onion, bias cut                                   25 g                 1 oz

   Lime, cut into wedges                                  ½                     ½        

   Cilantro, fresh sprigs


  • Deep-fry Sysco CrissCuts® according to case directions.
  • Arrange half of the CrissCuts® on serving platter.
  • Top with chili and shredded beef.
  • Arrange remaining half of the CrissCuts® on top of chili.
  • Place cheese evenly over top layer of CrissCuts®.
  • If desired, melt cheese quickly under broiler.
  • Ladle salsa on top.
  • Sprinkle black beans, peppers, and green onions over melted cheese.
  • Garnish with lime wedges and cilantro sprigs


Chef’s Suggestions: 

  • Serve with side guacamole and sour cream
  • Sprinkle CrissCuts® liberally with Taco seasoning right out of the fryer for even more flavour
  • Use fresh Pico de Gallo instead of salsa
  • Seasoned pork or chicken can be substituted for the beef


Use Your Own Imagination


Add some great new items to one of the most profitable parts of your menu!  Everyone loves potatoes and with these exciting new recipes you can easily add some unique, delicious and profitable potato-based appetizers to your menu today.


Adding a new or signature appetizer to your menu is the simple, low-cost way to offer variety and keep your menu fresh. 


Use a little of your own imagination!  For example, beginning with a base of unique cut fries, just add chili, freshly herbed diced tomatoes, pizza toppings or different cheeses.  Don’t forget to offer different dip selections and give your creation a memorable and interesting name.  This also helps affirm your own creativity and remind patrons why they should continue to visit your establishment.



For more information about how to create the most effective potato-based appetizer menu, contact your Sysco Marketing Associate.


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