November 2005 Edition
Take a Fresh Look at Frozen Mashed Potatoes



            It’s a common misconception among consumers that “fresh” means better taste and higher quality.  In foodservice, that’s not necessarily the case, especially with potato products.  Mashed potatoes made from raw potatoes require high labour and preparation costs, and vary greatly in colour, size, yield, texture and taste.    

            The Sysco brand of frozen mashed potato products is carefully processed to provide exceptional quality, unbeatable taste, superior yield and consistent results.  Serving after serving, they deliver the high performance features that increase customer satisfaction and operator profitability.  They’re an incredibly low cost addition to any plate!


The perfect start to a signature menu item.

            Because they’re completely prepared and perfectly delicious from the start, operators can put their efforts into creating their own signature touch.  From traditional to trendy, they make the perfect palette for culinary creations.  Mashed potatoes are so versatile, they can be the base of a creation with protein and vegetables stacked on top.  Mashed potatoes are great with seafood, poultry, beef and pork.  Remember that they work well added on top as well.  Top off a dish of your favourite stew with mashed potatoes and broil for a crispy topping.


Made from scratch so operators don’t have to.

            There’s no mistaking the taste of made from scratch mashed potatoes – rich, creamy texture and full potato flavour.  It’s a taste consumers know and love.


No washing. No peeling. No cooking.  No mixing.  No mashing.  No Problem!

            All the labour, trouble and time that goes into preparing fresh “made from scratch” mashed potatoes can be saved by using frozen mashed potatoes.  The process is identical;  the best potatoes are chosen, cooked just right and then mashed  to the ideal consistency.   With no washing, no peeling, no mixing or mashing required, you will save valuable time in the back of your operation with every pouch of mashed potatoes you use!  The quick preparation time is also a plus, when preparing on demand for hungry customers!


Fresh frozen for the freshest flavour.

  They stay frozen until you’re ready to use them, safely sealed in foodservice-size, portion-controlled pouches, so you just heat the pouch and serve.  All the freshness and flavour that’s been frozen in time, with our quick freezing process, is ready to serve straight from the pouch. You get the same consistently good flavour and texture, pouch after pouch, serving after serving. 


 Choose from a full line of different and distinctive varieties.

            From the basics in our lightly seasoned mashed potato goodness to creamy enriched redskin and garlic redskin varieties, there’s one right for every operation, every menu.

            So sell the faster and easier way for your customers to whip up Mashed Potato profits with the full line of Sysco brand Mashed Potatoes.


Contributed by Lamb Weston Inc.