July 2005 Edition
With Sysco Brand Specialty Cut Fries Increasing Profits is as Simple as One + One

It’s a fact. Consumers like choice - in cars, in clothes, in entertainment and in their food. That’s why successful operations menu more than one entrée and one beverage.

Variety keeps up the interest and results in repeat visits. 

It’s also a fact that french fries are the most profitable food item you can menu. With so many different varieties of such a profitable and easy-to-menu item, why not offer more than one type of french fry?

Sysco is showing operators how adding a second fry is one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost bottom-line profits. In fact, a two-fry menu can increase french fry sales up to 30% and more…without taking away from primary fry sales!

Some of the profitable advantages of a two-fry menu include:

  • Increased customer traffic.
  • No new equipment is required.
  • A premium price can be charged for a specialty fry.
  • Increased “snack” customer traffic.
  • A second fry brings little cannibalization to current fry sales.
  • A seasoned fry can minimize condiment costs.

Once you’ve decided to try out a second fry on your menu, what’s the best way to do it?  To ensure success, operators should choose a fry that is significantly different than the fry they currently menu, such as a specialty cut, a seasoned variety or combination of the two. There is a tremendous number of options to choose from.

One very effective way to determine which second fry will make the most profitable impact on your menu is to test a number of different types through an LTO strategy.  Trying a second fry item in a Limited Time Offering creates excitement and repeat business. This is a low cost, low risk way to “test-drive” second fry options without having to commit one to the menu. Because no new equipment is required to prepare and serve them, it’s simply a matter of communicating the details of your LTO so customers will know that you are menuing a special fry item for a short time period.  Point-of-sale merchandising, wait staff mentions, menu clips and other methods will let them know there’s a special fry offering available and build sales.  Once you’ve tried out several fry items, you can easily gauge their popularity and profitability simply by comparing sales of each.  Then you’ll be able to determine the right second fry for your business, your customers.

Traditionally, two of the most popular and profitable items for creating a two-fry menu are Sysco Imperial brand Twister Fries and CrissCut Fries. Both of these shapes go beyond giving your customers another delicious potato option and adding novelty to your menu. Specialty Cut Fries actually “capture” more physical space than regular fries, filling the same size serving container (or plate area) with less weight. That increased yield translates into a portion-satisfying presentation for your customers, and more servings and profits per pound for you.

Twister Fries can pair up with almost any entrée or sandwich and are available in both Natural and Seasoned varieties.  CrissCut Fries also come in Natural and Seasoned varieties  and make a great base for tasty appetizers as well as an exciting side dish.

            Universally loved, Sysco brand Specialty Cuts are made from only the finest potatoes selected from the world’s prime growing regions. Each potato is processed under the most stringent standards in an effort to maximize natural potato flavor as well as profitable performance. Specialty Cuts consistently deliver great taste, mouth-watering texture and irresistible appetite appeal that bring customers—and profits—back, time after time.

After selecting the perfect fry to complement an existing offering, remember to promote your new two-fry menu. Sysco offers a full range of colorful merchandising materials to generate customer excitement and maximize profitability.  And consider pairing up the new fry with an entrée item or two to create some exciting combo deals.  Use the new fry as the base for an appetizer item.  Introduce it with a sampling program that allows your customers to try it for themselves before ordering it.  All these strategies can work to give your new two-fry menu a solid start and ensure long-term success.

For more information about how to create the most effective two-fry menu, contact your Sysco Sales Associate.