July 2005 Edition
Seafood: A Wave Worth Catching

To bring creativity to the kitchen and customer-pleasing items to the table, look out to sea. Health benefits, menu positioning and the broad variety of products available make the growing trend toward fish and seafood a wave worth catching.


Seafood has been gaining ground with consumers—and menu planners—in recent years. According to Statistics Canada and Health Canada, Canadians increased their fish and seafood intake by 16% between 1992 and 2002, to about 7 kg per person per year. Shellfish had the highest increase, jumping 20% in 10 years. During that same period, Canadians’ meat consumption dropped by 10%. Similar trends have been noted in the U.S.


Seafood is a nutritional powerhouse, providing high-quality protein that is low in saturated fat and high in omega-3 fatty acids and essential nutrients. In addition to its impressive dietary credentials, it’s a menu champion as well.


Fish and seafood dishes have wide appeal with customers. Many people who don’t eat meat or poultry do choose to eat fish, so it’s wise to include some seafood on your menu, just as it’s wise to have a vegetarian option or two. But a salmon steak or a grilled shrimp brochette is also tempting to customers who eat a broader diet. Because many people do not cook their favourite fish dishes at home, seafood has added allure when dining out.


Shrimp and tuna are two of the most popular choices with diners. Shrimp, in particular, offers an impressive range of menu possibilities. Amenable to almost any cuisine, they enable creativity in the kitchen and interesting presentation on the plate.


Sysco makes it easy to put more seafood on the menu with the Portico range of seafood products. Portico offers a full array of fish and seafood under three lines: Portico Simply provides the basic ingredients behind innovative menus: uncooked, unseasoned products with unlimited uses. Portico Prime offers the highest quality premium seafood products, produced and packaged under exceedingly high standards. Portico Bounty combines consistent quality, versatility and value to bring foodservice operators competitive products.


Leading the way in the seafood category is Portico Bounty Shrimp. These peeled, deveined shrimp are setting the standard for foodservice operators looking to add more seafood to their menus. Portico Bounty Shrimp offers a full range of products: black tiger, pacific white, raw or fully cooked, tail-on or tail off, in sizes that range from 16/20 to 51/60.


Portico Bounty Shrimp make strong entrees and appetizers, as well as impressive sandwiches and salads. Shrimp can be paired with a vast array of house sauces and condiments to add variety and flair, and to keep pace with emerging food trends.


Few other menu items offer the versatility and customer appeal of shrimp. The rich distinctive flavour, firm texture, and variety of Portico Bounty Shrimp make them suitable to include under every menu heading:  from appetizers, soups, salads, combos, and complete entrees. They’re a natural as centre of the plate, but can also be paired with other proteins: Complement chicken or beef entrees by adding grilled, seared, broiled, or sautéed shrimp to increase your average cheque size.


Because Portico Bounty Shrimp are individually quick frozen, you can thaw only what you need. Portico Bounty Shrimp offer less preparation time, less waste and better portion control.  


The individual quick freezing process locks in freshness, flavour and texture, and enables better cost control, menu planning and safety at the back of the house. Portico Bounty Shrimp are a quick and simple way to bring added interest to any menu.