March 2005 Edition
Always in Season

Stir in Fresh-Picked Flavour with Sysco Imperial Fresh Frozen Herbs


Did you know you can infuse your dishes with the aroma and flavour of fresh herbs year round – without the risk of waste and spoilage? Sysco Imperial Fresh Frozen Herbs are washed, de-stemmed, chopped and frozen within hours of harvesting to seal in their garden-fresh flavour. Add the desired amount to sauces, soups and other dishes just as you would fresh herbs – no defrosting or prep work necessary. Then just close the resealable bag and return it to the freezer. The handy packaging makes it easy to keep a wide assortment on hand, from delicate dill, to fiery jalapenos. And with combinations like Herbs de Provence Blend and Pasta/Pizza blend you’ll always have just the right mix for specialty dishes with no measuring. Try Sysco Imperial Fresh Frozen herbs and put an abundance of fresh flavours at your fingertips – whatever the season!