March 2005 Edition
Breakfast & Beyond

Of any meal type, breakfast is still the one meal where traditional breakfast foods rule; bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, French toast and waffles rank high with consumers. And of course coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice are the two favourite beverage choices.

In fact, breakfast is one of the largest growth areas for any type of foodservice operation including family and quick service restaurants, full serve restaurants and university and college campus foodservice operations.

Grow your breakfast menu with Sysco Classic Breakfast Sausage, available in Pork and Pork and Beef varieties – perfect for all full plate breakfasts, and a favourite for Sunday Brunch. Then add BakerSourceTM light fluffy Classic Frozen Pancakes – save labour and eliminate time-consuming mixing and griddling with these prepared favourites. Or try BakerSourceTM Classic Frozen Waffles or Classic Frozen French Toast, another way to provide versatile menuing without the time and labour. What’s more, these breakfast favourites go beyond breakfast and can be added to your dessert menu - dress them up for dinner with whipped cream, berries or compote for a delicious alternative to cake.

And when it comes to Brunch, bigger is better! Customers will demand a wide range of choices at your buffet, and Sysco BakerSourceTM Frozen Pancakes, Waffles and French Toast have long holding times making them perfect for breakfast bars. And you’ll be able to give them the variety they demand without intensive preparations. On weekends, the “buffet” brunch is the most sought after breakfast option.  Customers expect you to pull out all the stops and will want to indulge in a variety of traditional breakfast foods. Ask any hotelier and you’ll find that breakfast is the most likely meal that a guest will eat in a hotel – which means it has to count!