January 2005 Edition
Canned Fruit: Ah, the Sweet Life

Ah, The Sweet Life


For a taste of sunshine in any weather, turn to Sysco Canned Fruit, the naturally delicious way to brighten up any menu.


Harvested when the fruit is ripest, Sysco Canned Fruits are bursting with flavour, along with the vitamins and nutrients you'd expect to find in fresh fruit. Consistently superior quality is the hallmark of Sysco Canned Fruit, starting with the careful selection of the "cream of the crop" from some of the world's finest growing regions - From California's golden, juicy peaches to sweet, flavourful Northwestern pears we search for the best sources for our canned fruit.


Then, to maintain the integrity of the fresh-picked fruit, Sysco's quality assurance staff moves on-site at processing plants during peak harvesting seasons to painstakingly monitor the packing process. Careful prescreening of each production run, along with exclusive "first priority" selection status, ensures a final product bursting with naturally delicious flavour.


Available packed in light syrup, with many varieties available packed in pear juice,

Sysco Imperial, Classic and Sahara Burst fruits offer the consummate union of nature and science to create the highest-quality canned fruit available. And since Sysco Sahara Burst Canned Fruits feature no added sugar, there is nothing masking the original fresh fruit taste.


Make it part of your New Year's resolution - and watch good health come to fruition - Sahara Burst Peaches, Fruit Cocktail and Apricot Halves are available packed in pear juice - the "no sugar added" solution for challenges posed by todays health conscious lifestyles. Appropriate for all carbohydrate - and calorie-controlled regimens, they're also a perfect fit for healthcare applications. And, they are ideal for the overall consumer move toward healthier eating, and lend themselves easily to value-added menu items that take advantage of the growing demand for lighter foods, natural flavours and fewer calories.


An extensive selection of Sysco Canned Fruit will meet the demanding requirements of today's busy foodservice operator. An endless array of fruit cuts - from diced, to chunks, to halves, to slices - offers creative chefs unlimited recipe potential, particularly considering the well-documented popularity of fruit in virtually all meal segments. This comprehensive selection, along with unmatched quality, flavour, and value, makes Sysco Canned Fruit the ultimate partner in your quest to meet all of your nutritional fruit service needs. Don't Delay - Serve up the Sweet Life Today. ¨




Sealed for Superiority



Did you know that cans have been used to preserve food safely and conveniently since the days of Napoleon? Since that time, advancements in technology have substantially improved canning materials and processes, so canned food is not only safe and edible long after it's processed, but it's also healthful and delicious!


Many of us take canned food for granted, but it's truly a revolutionary invention - a can of food kept at moderate temperatures (about 74°F/ 23°C) has an almost indefinite shelf life. As long as the can doesn't have any dents, leaks, punctures or bulges, it's good to use. As far as security, cans are 'top-notch', the can was one of the very first tamper-resistant containers and still maintains an excellent food-safety record.


Aside from their longevity, convenience and security, canned fruit is about as nutritious as fresh fruit and contains similar amounts of fibre. Here's how it's done: Fresh fruit is picked at the peak of ripeness, and is vacuum-sealed inside the can, which is heated to a precise temperature to achieve sterilization. The canning process ensures not only that contaminants are locked securely out of the can, but also that vitamins, minerals and flavour are locked in!