January 2005 Edition
You Said It: Sysco Classic Breaded Shrimp

Sysco Classic Breaded Coconut Shrimp

An Interview with Chef Jamie Martineau, Weinlager and Amici Caffe


by Sarah Phillips


Weinlager and Amici Caffe is a busy restaurant conveniently attached to the Great Canadian Casino in View Royal, BC. Chef Jamie Martineau tempts guests with West Coast Canadian cuisine with Italian flair. He also enjoys creating new dishes and is always being introduced to new products by Dorothy Jeffrey, his Sysco North Douglas Marketing Associate. Recently he was looking for a new appetizer and Sysco Classic Breaded Coconut Shrimp was the perfect idea.


How long have you been using Sysco Classic Breaded Coconut Shrimp?

I just started experimenting with this product a few months ago after Dorothy showed it to me in the Sysco product book. Not only has it filled my need for a new appetizer but I also incorporated it into our seafood trio entrée with breaded oysters, snapper and a sweet and sour sauce. For the appetizer, I serve four of them on a disk of goat cheese and polenta with a touch of jalapeño and peach salsa. Though it is deep fried, the product holds its flavour well. The customer response has been excellent.


Why Breaded Coconut Shrimp?

It’s new to our marketplace on Vancouver Island. Currently it is more popular on the east coast. There are so many options when using this product: Japanese inspired dishes, on top of salads, as a really nice garnish or even served with chicken. It's different, has an extremely fast cooking time as well as great plate presentation. The tasty flavour and crunch makes it really delicious. It also fills the need for a lighter, healthier option rather than a heavily breaded appetizer.


Who is your target market?

Our customers are a mix of everyone from older folks to young people and families with kids. I wanted something that might appeal more to ladies; something that might be on the lighter side but still with good flavour. This product appeals to a lot of people because it offers a unique taste without being too unfamiliar.


Does the improved packaging make a difference?

The layered packaging makes using this product very convenient. There is never breakage and the shrimp do not lose their coconut breading. The perforated cardboard keeps each shrimp in place and intact.


Are you happy with this new Sysco Brand product you were introduced to?

Absolutely. I have been dealing with Sysco North Douglas for a long time and am consistently impressed with the innovative ideas that make sense to me as well as please my customers. Sysco Classic Breaded Coconut Shrimp is a well-priced product with great eye appeal! ¨