November 2004 Edition
The Hottest Cocoa in Town

Move over coffee, make way tea…there's another hot beverage that's the toast of the town - Hot Cocoa!

Certainly tea and coffee are popular year round hot beverage favourites, but when the cooler weather arrives, there's nothing like a cup of creamy delicious hot cocoa to warm the nose and tingle the toes.

A favourite for the whole family, hot cocoa can be served on-the-go or as an elegant finish to a superior dine-in feast. Either way hot cocoa is a very profitable beverage addition during the winter months.

Serve up a cup of CitavoTM creamy delicious hot cocoa and cash in on the popularity of this tasty beverage treat. Available exclusively through Sysco, Citavo Cocoa selections are specially formulated to deliver the rich, delicious goodness of the world's finest hot cocoa. Available in Creamy, Dutch, and No Sugar Added varieties Citavo Hot Cocoa is suitable for the entire family.

Available in single-serve packets or in a convenient bagged format for dispensing machines, each Citavo Cocoa variety delivers on taste and convenience, and they're so easy to serve - simply add hot water - no need to add milk or sugar.

Whether it's grab and go convenience you're looking for, or an upscale dessert presentation - Citavo Cocoa selections will satisfy. It's the warm, comforting way to enjoy real chocolate goodness anytime, anywhere. ¨


An Ancient Beverage

Early Mesoamericans drank a hot cocoa beverage that was bitter, and the ancient Mayans mixed cocoa beans with water and chile peppers to make a spicy cocoa drink. This drink was a favourite beverage with royalty and would only have been offered to very important people. Spanish conquistadors appreciated this native beverage and added cane sugar to create a sweetened version, they also brought cocoa beans back to Spain where new cocoa drink blends were created.

For a lavish look dress up your cocoa selections with:

  • Miniature marshmallows (plain or fruit flavoured)
  • Whipped cream and chocolate shavings
  • Whipped cream and a cherry
  • A scoop of ice cream
  • Whipped cream dusted with cinnamon
  • Add grated orange peel and dust top with cinnamon

Add peppermint extract, top with whipped cream and chocolate curls