November 2004 Edition
Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

How can your customers have their cake and eat it too? By adding Sysco Imperial cakes to the menu!

Sysco is pleased to introduce four new unique and sinfully delicious Imperial cakes: Sysco Imperial Caribbean Oblivion Torte, Sysco Imperial Dolce Caramel Cream Torte, Sysco Imperial Kirschen Black Forest Torte, and Sysco Imperial Chocolate Crave Torte.

These new additions to Sysco’s fabulous dessert selections are convenient thaw and serve cakes that offer outstanding, rich flavour. So easy to handle they're sure to be a delightful addition to your dessert menu.

And of course, cake's a must-have on your menu. Consider this - cake accounts for 1/3rd of all retail bakery sales,1 and in 2003, 25 percent of bakery cafes considered cakes to be a signature item, and 14 percent planned to add cake varieties to their menus.2 So when you add cake to the menu - you'll feel as though you've had your cake and eaten it too.

A feast for the senses, Sysco’s Imperial Caribbean Oblivion Torte will transport your customers to the tropics; it has three layers of moist carrot spice sponge including fresh carrots, raisins, pineapple and coconut. The icing is comprised of real cream cheese combined with fresh lemon, which complements the sponge. This rich real cream cheese icing is also generously spread between the three layers. The side of the cake is then garnished with hand toasted coconut flakes and the top is layered with chopped pecans instead of a typical walnut topping. Sysco Imperial Caribbean Oblivion Torte has a unique, tropical flavour, one that you won’t find in an ordinary carrot cake.

Looking for a trendy Latin American taste? The Imperial Dolce Caramel Cream Torte will satisfy with two layers of caramel-soaked vanilla sponge, separated by ladyfingers. The filling is caramel whipping cream mousse, and Skorâ toffee bits on alternating sides of the ladyfingers. Even more Skorâ toffee bits are used for the garnish - they surround the side of the torte for an extra boost of caramel and toffee flavour. The top is adorned with hand-peaked caramel mousse and is lightly drizzled with caramel sauce that pools between each peak. This final touch truly makes for an elegant, handmade-looking torte, and its melt in your mouth flavour makes this cake a great finish to a heavier meal.

Sysco’s Imperial Kirschen Black Forest Torte is a traditional dark chocolate sponge cake separated by two layers of kirsch cherry filling that incorporates real kirsch liqueur to create an enchanting cherry flavour. It is garnished with German chocolate shavings, both on the sides and on top, for a sophisticated finish. It is then embellished with 16 rosettes made from kirsch whipped cream, each with a long-stem cherry nestled on top. This torte is a modern spin on a favourite from the "old country".

For a chocolate lover's dream serve up Sysco Imperial Chocolate Crave Torte. This dense chocolate sponge is bursting with rich chocolate flavour. The two layers of dark chocolate sponge lie between two layers of decadent chocolate mousse, made from melted European chocolate. The torte is finished with velvety chocolate mousse icing and is then enrobed in ganache which spills deliciously over the sides of the torte to create an artistic side garnish. The sides are lightly covered with fine chocolate shavings and the top is hand swirled with white and dark chocolate, creating a marbled appearance. The result is an exquisite torte which is almost too beautiful to eat, and a flavour that is decadent and simply delicious.

Consumers are also looking for the unique and exotic - something else to think about when you're considering adding Sysco's one-of-a-kind Imperial cake varieties. According to Technomic's operator and consumer research, consumers are interested in smaller portions,3 replaced with richer flavours, and they also reported that they go to a restaurant to experiment with a food that they would not normally eat at home.4

Offer them the variety and portion size they crave, by creating sample platters of these four stellar Sysco Imperial cake selections. For a party of four, offer a small portion of each cake variety, four smaller plates, and four coffees for a fixed price and give everyone at the table a chance to sample all of your new delicious cake varieties. It will be a great way to satisfy their sweet tooth, enhance beverage sales and allow them to taste these new favourites - they'll look forward to enjoying them again on their next visit.

Sysco's four new thaw and serve cakes offer an outstanding opportunity to easily add rich, delicious favourites to your dessert menu, allowing you and your customers to have your cake and eat it too! ¨

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4Technomic operator and consumer research, Technomic Foodservice Planning Program, 2004.



Serve It With Style

Start with Sysco Imperial Cakes and you're sure to be inspired to style it just right.

Sysco Imperial Chocolate Crave Torte

Pool orange marmalade to one side of the plate and position the cake slice alongside and then garnish with mandarin orange slices.

Sysco Imperial Kirschen Black Forest Torte

Decorate the plate with chocolate shavings and a few cherries.

Sysco Imperial Caribbean Oblivion Torte

Sprinkle plate with chopped pecans.

Sysco Imperial Dolce Caramel Cream Torte

Swirl caramel sauce on the plate topped with a smattering of toffee bits.


  • Conveniently portioned into 16 pieces with paper separating each piece for product filling integrity and freshness.
  • You'll enjoy the consistent portioning.
  • Each 10 inch Torte is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box complete with a plastic dome for product freshness.