September 2004 Edition
Welcome to the Low Carb Revolution

Reduced-carb bars, snacks, entrées, and desserts. It's the low-carb diet craze, and it's sweeping the country. More than ever before Canadians are carb-aware. According to an Ipsos-Reid study, eight in ten Canadians are aware that a low-carbohydrate diet can be part of a weight reduction plan and a full 27 percent of Canadians are currently dieting or trying to lose weight. Not to mention two in three Canadians strongly agree that "they try to be health conscious when making decisions about what to eat."1 These health-conscious and weight-watching consumers are forgoing pasta, breads, and cereals. Not surprisingly, the growing demand for low-carb dishes has led to a boom in reduced-carb foods.

So what's going to happen to your signature pasta fare, or your dessert menu? If your menu options have been trimmed down by carb-conscious customers trying to trim their waistline, try this: delicious pasta dishes with all the taste and half the carbs, followed by a creamy, dreamy piece of carb-friendly cheesecake.

Thanks to Pasta Labellaâ Carb 19 pasta, and Imperial Carb Conscious Cheesecakes from Sysco - you'll be able to offer your patrons great-tasting, guilt-free pasta as well as a way to satisfy their sweet tooth - it's a chance to bring back a tempting dish or two they thought they'd lost!

With Pasta Labella Carb 19 pasta, you'll be able to keep your recipes intact and your customers in their seats. Not only does it come with 53 percent fewer carbs than regular pasta, it packs 128 percent more protein and 500 percent more fibre! Best of all, this pasta looks, cooks, and tastes just like regular pasta, so your carb-aware patrons can have the mouthwatering helpings they crave - without sacrificing flavour.

Unlike many other carb-friendly pastas, Pasta Labella Carb 19 pasta is a 100 percent all-natural, cholesterol-free product, giving your customers a delicious healthful alternative to their favourite full-carb foods. Tempt their tastebuds with an array of choices, from spaghetti to rotini, to penne rigate.

Then top it off with a slice of Sysco Imperial Carb Conscious Cheesecake, the newest addition to the Sysco Imperial line of elegant endings. It’s a New York style indulgence that packs everything you love about cheesecake into a carb-friendly option. Complete with a cinnamon-flavoured crust and using toasted almonds, a slice of Sysco Imperial New York Style Cheesecake has only one net gram of carbohydrates - a sweet ending without a full serving of guilt! Other carb-friendly flavours include Imperial Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake, Imperial Turtle Cheesecake and Imperial Chocolate Cheesecake - each with just 4 grams of carbohydrates per slice.

Let your carb-conscious diners know you're thinking of them! Offer up Pasta Labella Carb 19 pasta and Sysco Imperial Carb Conscious Cheesecake for a scrumptious carb-friendly alternative they'll appreciate. ¨

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