September 2004 Edition
The Right Stuff

The mere vision of a bowl filled to the brim with a savoury serving of pasta stuffed with fantastic fillings is enough to command taste buds to the nearest bite. So what better way to tempt customers than with mouthwatering forkfuls of such Arrezzioâ filled pasta favourites as ravioli, tortellini and tordelli prepared with palate-pleasing pesto sauce, creamy alfredo sauce or zesty tomato sauces that will have your guests charging full steam ahead to your restaurant?

Arrezzio Classic Pastas and Sauces enable you to add an assortment of dishes to your menu that pack a burst of flavour into every morsel. And, to make serving these soon-to-be signature dishes as easy as they are appetizing, Sysco Arrezzio Classic Pastas and Sauces are fresh-frozen and go from package - to plate - to delicious in no time.

You'll have your guests rolling over for ravioli so savoury, they'll swear it was hand pinched and exported directly from the Italian shoreline. And with fillings as varied as your customer's tastes, Arrezzio is sure to offer a selection that will satisfy even the most discriminating diner. Customers will fall head over heels for classic raviolis stuffed with a magnificent blend of cheeses that make a stellar tableside appearance when covered in an aromatic blanket of Basil or Sundried Tomato Pesto. And for tordelli aficionados Sysco Classic Butternut Squash Tordelli or Five Cheese Tordelli won't disappoint.

When it comes to creating pillows of perfection, there's no stopping Arrezzio in providing the freshest, most flavour-filled ingredients around. Guests won't be afraid to show a little favouritism when you showcase Classic Spinach & Cheese Cannelloni; and meat lovers will rejoice over a presentation of Classic Beef Cannelloni made to take hearty appetites head on. With just the right touch of Italian herbs and seasonings, Arrezzio Classic Roman Meat Sauce serves as the ideal ingredient when making Lasagna - while Arrezzio Classic Pesto Sauces offer a delightful way of dishing up signature sandwiches your patrons will crave.

Arrezzio cream based sauces - Classic Alfredo, Rich Alfredo, and Primavera Sauce entice when paired with Classic Cheese Tortellini or Classic Cheese Tordelli. And for vegetarian fanfare that won’t soon be forgotten, dole out hefty helpings of Classic Cheese Cannelloni or Classic Cheese Ravioli.

With a product offering like Arrezzio, you can always rest assured that these marvelous masterpieces will keep your bottom line as satisfied as your customers' appetites. Simply add Arrezzio Classic Pastas and Sauces to your menu - and you're sure to have a smash hit on your hands - one that will top your customers taste charts for a long time to come. ¨