September 2004 Edition
Dutch Treat

The land of windmills and tulips is also home to delicious European desserts.

Holland - famous for its windmills, tulips and wooden shoes, is also home to some of the finest European bakeries. Holland's rich history of producing impressive bakery products goes back for centuries. In fact, the term "Dutch bakery" has become synonymous with high quality baked goods.

An agricultural super power, sixty percent of Holland's land area is used for agricultural purposes. Dairy products, especially cheeses are an important export. However, the milk and cream produced on dairy farms goes into making high quality bakery items, which are also an important export. Holland is also the largest exporter of chocolate items in the world, so the combination of bakery items that include chocolate is exceptional.

Sysco offers a complete selection of frozen desserts imported from Holland - Desserts that include real Dutch dairy cream fillings.

Fresh frozen for your convenience these Dutch treats combine home-made traditions and time-tested favourite recipes ensuring that from the first bite to the last, they will be guaranteed to satisfy.

When you have very little prep time, Sysco Imperial Cream Puffs, Mini Éclairs or Mini Napoleons create low-cost, appealing desserts that will make your customers say "WOW."

White tablecloth restaurants are a perfect setting for Sysco Imperial Cream Puffs or Mini Eclairs, whether it’s a Sundae-style dessert, or a Dessert Kabob, the Sysco Imperial Cream Puff will satisfy the fussiest gourmet. And, they're a caterer's best friend - they can be used at banquets, catering events and for large groups - simply layer Cream Puffs on platters and garnish with fresh fruit to create an eye-catching dessert table. Best of all, they're ready in minutes, just thaw and serve.

When an upscale presentation is required - a Sysco Imperial Cream Puff Torte or Berry Fruit Tarte is the answer. Perfect when you need a magnificent ending to a superb meal.

Save time and money, and increase your sales by adding Sysco Imperial European Desserts to the menu. Imperial Dutch Treats - simply delicious European Dessert favourites. ¨

Turtle Sundae

Combine scoops of vanilla ice cream and Sysco Imperial Vanilla Cream Puffs. Drizzle with chocolate sauce and finish with whipped cream and a cherry.

Tropical Sundae

In parfait cup place 6 Sysco Imperial Vanilla Cream Puffs. Drizzle with mango sauce, raspberry sauce and top with a few fresh raspberries, star fruit slice, and whipped cream.

Sysco Imperial Mini Éclair Dippers

Create a 'new' classic - one which kids will love - by surrounding a ramekin of chocolate sauce with cream puffs or mini éclairs. This fondue style "dipper" combo is sure to make every meal a happy one.

Cream Puffs Supreme

Create a signature menu item by decorating a plate with sauce and position Sysco Imperial Vanilla Cream Puffs within the design.


Serve Sysco Imperial Bienenstich Round Cake when you want to treat them to a time-honoured European classic. Bienenstich Cake, or "bee sting cake" has a rich history. With origins in Germany, the cake is called "bee sting" as it is thought that a bee was attracted to the honey topping on the cake, and that the baker who invented the cake was stung. This cake is traditionally filled with custard and includes almonds.