September 2004 Edition
Foodservice Supplies: Trust in Sysco Towels & Tissues

Quality and Performance you can rely on

You're running a busy foodservice operation, you've got staffing concerns, you're worried about customer traffic during the off peak hours, and the competition has introduced a dazzling array of new menu items. You're worried about a number of things right now, not the least of which is trying to save money while providing those valued customers with a memorable experience - and bathroom tissue's the last thing on your mind. But maybe it shouldn't be!

To often when it comes to things like towels and tissues, operators will take whatever's going and may not properly review their requirements, and it's in instances like this that a thorough review can result in cost-savings and more importantly provide the opportunity to meaningfully impact on the customer's experience.

Cost, Price and Performance

Determining what type of bathroom tissue to use might seem easy, you could measure the sheet length and sheets per roll to determine the number of feet per roll and compare the pricing on a per foot basis. But in many ways this is not a fair comparison. There are other things to consider.

Reducing the core waste associated with a roll of bathroom tissue has an impact on both the price and the environment. Many times the maintenance staff will replace a roll before it is empty, which increases lost tissue due to core waste. When using a roll with shorter sheets and less sheets per roll, the core waste impact is increased. And, don’t forget that when a shorter sheet product with less sheets per roll is used, you'll also require more rolls and consume more packaging (corrugate, wrappers, cores) increasing the impact on the environment.

When it comes to performance, as a rule quality always pays its way - and for bathroom tissue this is especially true. Better quality products reduce consumption because superior performance translates into less product being needed for the job.

Customers also appreciate the difference! Pamper them with Sysco Imperial Bathroom Tissue, our softest, thickest and most luxurious bathroom tissue ever - it offers the ultimate in softness, strength and absorbency, or turn to Sysco Classic Bathroom Tissue for just the right blend of strength, softness and absorbency.

Hand Washing - The Best Defense

Germs travel from person to person and can live for hours on ATM's, telephone buttons, door handles, cash registers, computer keyboards and many other hard surfaces. Wherever large groups of people are gathered germs and bacteria have the potential to move fast, spreading disease as they go.

Most people don’t realize how much hygiene plays a role in our lives, but when you stop to think about it, hygiene is a top-of-mind issue for most people these days. Cases of food-borne illnesses, viruses like Hepatitis C and AIDS, along with SARS, and the Norwalk Virus have made everyone pay closer attention to hygiene. Obviously commercial businesses are hurt when people fear going out into public places and more and more guests and employees expect to be protected when they are in an away-from-home environment.

Providing the hygiene basics will not only win you kudos with the customer, it will also keep your employees happy and healthy. When you ensure that your staff do not contract diseases and viruses you're ensuring they'll be more productive and that they'll take fewer sick days. And keeping them safe also reduces the risk of liability should an outbreak occur. Help them to avoid cross contamination with a towel dispensing system that delivers touchless solutions, combined with absorbent hand towels such as Sysco Classic Hand Towels for effective hand drying.

Superior facial tissues and napkins can also be an important point of differentiation when it comes to customer satisfaction. Show them you care by providing Sysco Imperial or Classic Facial Tissues, or Sysco Classic Napkins, which set the standard for discriminating dining. When you are looking to impress your guests turn to Sysco Classic Napkins for the dependable quality and consistency that make them the envy of the marketplace.

When performance matters, you can rest assured that Sysco's line of Towels and Tissue products will deliver results time and again. ¨

Sysco Tissue University

Sysco Marketing Associate's go the distance when it comes to making sure you get the right product for the job. Our Marketing Associates attend Tissue University where they learn about the full range of Sysco tissue paper products, and the training includes a detailed understanding of hygiene issues and how they affect you.