September 2004 Edition
Quality Source: It's a Matter of Fact

Sysco Perfects the Art of Packaging

More than just a way to identify the salt from the sugar, product packaging and labels contain all kinds of valuable information - from health claims to pack size. And in case you didn’t already notice, they're on practically everything that comes off the Sysco truck..

An important part of the quality-assurance (QA) checklist for each Sysco product, even packaging and labels must meet strict QA standards. Working in tandem with Sysco's marketing communications and merchandising departments, the Sysco QA team helps ensure the accuracy of the information displayed on every product. And since Sysco Brand suppliers submit their own packaging and label artwork to Sysco, it's this trio of departments that make certain all claims meet the standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in conjunction with Health Canada- as well as adhere to Sysco branding requirements.

Over 1,200 pieces of such packaging and label artwork are submitted to Sysco every year, where each one must first pass marketing communications muster - and uphold Sysco branding standards regarding size, fonts, colours, logos and trademarks. Once approved, the artwork continues the process under the trained eye of the merchandising team, which verifies everything from brand specification and case weight to pack size and vendor codes. Only after successfully completing these two departmental hurdles is the design then sent to Sysco QA, where it is rigorously scrutinized to ensure that the ingredient and nutritional information is correct. And whether products boast of being low in fat, low in sodium or kosher, Sysco QA works to confirm that all health claims conform to the guidelines issued by our government's toughest food-safety watchdogs.

It's just one more way Sysco brings you the people and products you can count on. ¨