July 2004 Edition
Sandwiches - Centre of the Plate Contenders

Ever-finicky diners rely on today's foodservice operators to point them in the right direction when it comes to finding delightfully different menu offerings. So how do you punch up your daily sandwich fare with tasty knockouts your guests will love? Fortunately, with Sysco's unique variety of BakerSource Breads and Bagels turning your sandwich menu into a heavyweight champion is no sweat.

Sandwiches have long topped the list of cost-effective and easy ways to heartily satisfy your guests' hankerings. Ever since John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, popularized the portable eat-with-your-hands feature of what became known as the 'sandwich' people have been enjoying this classic lunchtime favourite. And though sandwiches are traditionally still served primarily as lunch fare, they are also going another round - sparring their way onto breakfast and dinner menus as centre-of-the-plate sandwich options that are at the centre of everyone's attention.

Creating a sandwich menu that pulls no punches is easy - all that's required is a fruitful imagination and the ability to layer choice ingredients between everything from BakerSource Panini's to Baguettes to Bagels. The end result is sure to be a patron-friendly selection that is as easy on the eyes as it is appetizing.

Start your sandwich menu off with European Flare - Create a Mt. Vesuvius by adding genoa salami, capicolla, pepperoni, provolone cheese, pickled hot peppers and spiced olives to a BakerSource Panini; drizzle with olive oil, and grill to golden perfection. Or serve up a French favourite - Leave it to Lilly - a delicious grilled sandwich that combines grilled beef strips, sweet caramelized onions, sour cream and chive sauce on a BakerSource Vienna Roll, grilled.

For a taste of the southwest, create popular wraps like the Tequila Sunrise - combine slices of Block & Barrel Smoked Turkey Breast Roast, smoky bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, crispy lettuce and tomato; and a spicy chile tequila lime sauce to a grill-style flatbread. Or, for a taste of the Caribbean, create a tropical Del Sol sandwich recipe - grilled beef strips, grilled sweet onion, sharp cheddar cheese, creamy guacamole, smoky chipotle mayonnaise all wrapped up in a grill-style flatbread.

For a sandwich that is truly piled high with great taste create a Ham Madness - slice a BakerSource French Parisian Loaf in half, spread sundried tomato pesto over the bottom half and add Sysco Block & Barrel Black Forest Ham, arugula, provolone cheese, grilled peppers, zucchini and eggplant. For a classic New Yorker, add slices of roast beef, sweet red onion and smoked mozzarella to a BakerSource Vienna Roll and top it with a Dijon herb mayonnaise. Or, try another classic ham favourite - Ham Adventure - spread dijonnaise over top of herb focaccia bread, add Sysco Block & Barrel Cooked Ham, hard boiled eggs, fontina cheese, basil and sundried tomatoes.

From lunchtime to dinner plate, BakerSource Breads and Bagels are the perfect foundation for creating a signature sandwich and they offer the perfect way to sneak a little one-two punch into your menu, leading your customers to conclude only one thing - that you have great taste! ¨


Daily Specials and Combos

Promote your sandwich menu with daily special and combos. Research shows that when sandwiches are purchased customers often purchase other items also - offer popular combos to increase your cheque size - soup and sandwich, salad and sandwich, or a trio including sandwich, salad and a bag of chips.

Rise to the Occasion

The taste, the texture, the aroma…this is bread at its best. From Panini Rolls to Parisian Loaf, and Sandwich Rolls to Baguettes, there's no better way to build a premium sandwich than to start with a premium bread. And there's no better source for a complete selection of traditional deli favourites than BakerSource.

From fancy sandwiches to popular paninis, BakerSource breads and bagels make it easy to turn a simple deli sandwich into something special. Full baked and ready to thaw and serve, they deliver fresh-baked taste without the time or labour, reducing waste and prep time. Plus, with a fully variety of specialty breads on hand day or night - gone are the days of waiting for the local bread delivery man to arrive!

Roll with the Lunches! Serve it up Sandwich Style with BakerSource

BakerSource Thaw & Serve Panini Rolls

The recipe for a great sandwich includes great bread. Ideal for hot sandwiches. (SUPC# 0642900)

BakerSource Thaw & Serve Parisian Loaf

Ideal for signature sandwiches. (SUPC# 0642967)

BakerSource Thaw & Serve French White Baguette

A traditional French Baguette for sandwiches with the authentic taste of Europe. Catering-friendly for a long presentation-style, centre-of-the-table sandwich, that can be sliced into finger sandwich bites. (SUPC# 0642892)

BakerSource Thaw & Serve Sandwich Rolls

Vienna Sandwich Rolls or Hoagie buns are ideal for hot or cold fillings from egg salad to eggplant. (SUPC# 0642975)

BakerSource Thaw & Serve Genuine New York Style Bagels

Plain, Poppyseed and Sesame varieties make an excellent base for your signature sandwiches. Plain and Sesame varieties are available pre-sliced for added convenience. (Plain - SUPC# 4331377, Poppyseed - SUPC# 4330825, Sesame - SUPC# 4331419)


Ham It Up!

There's nothing better than a Ham sandwich to whet appetites.

Block & Barrel Classic Double Honey Cured Ham (SUPC# 0108530)

Spread honey mustard mayonnaise over black Russian bread. Add the delicate honey flavour of Sysco Block & Barrel Classic Double Honey Cured Ham, thinly sliced apple and crumbled blue cheese.

Block & Barrel Classic Smoked Ham (SUPC# 0110379)

Spread hickory smoked BBQ mayonnaise over top of a toasted onion bun. Add Block & Barrel Classic Smoked Ham, grilled onions and grated Monterey Jack cheese. Serve warm with Texas coleslaw and beer battered onion rings.

Block & Barrel Classic Black Forest Smoked Ham (SUPC# 0112458)

Slice baguette in half and discard centre. Spread sundried tomato pesto over bottom half, add the strong smoked flavour of Block & Barrel Classic Black Forest Smoked Ham, arugula, smoked provolone cheese, grilled peppers, zucchini and eggplant.

Block & Barrel Toupie Ham (SUPC# 0111823)

Combine cream cheese and diced pineapple. Spread over toasted raisin bread, add Block & Barrel Toupie Ham and watercress. Place in buttered skillet and fry until golden brown. Serve with salad of grapefruit and orange segments, drizzled with honey.

Block & Barrel Ready to Slice Ham (SUPC# 0112482)

Combine Dijon mustard with horseradish, spread on rye bread and add Block & Barrel Ready to Slice Ham and swiss cheese. Brush with egg wash and dill. Fry in skillet until golden brown and cheese is melted.

Block & Barrel Cooked Ham (4x4 SUPC# 011054 and 4x6 SUPC# 011401)

Spread ranch mayonnaise over top of sourdough bread. Add Block & Barrel Cooked Ham, thinly sliced granny smith apples, toasted walnuts and swiss cheese.