May 2004 Edition
It's Crunch Time

Whether you serve whole dills with deli sandwiches or bread & butter pickles with burgers, Block & Barrel Pickles are just what you need to add some snap to sandwiches and side dishes alike. They're made with the freshest cucumbers available, and combine impressive shelf life with superior quality, convenience and flavour for a product that's sure to crunch the competition.

Our penchant for pickles is nothing new - pickles have been enjoyed for thousands of years!

Pickling is an ancient method of food preservation, and, cucumbers, native to India, are thought to be the first food to be preserved in this way.

The cucumber plant quickly became a staple in the diets of many ancient peoples in part because of its ability to be pickled. There are references to pickles in the bible and the Roman Emperor Tiberius is reported to have eaten pickles every day. Roman soldiers ate pickles for their healing effects while Aristotle also believed the pickle had medicinal value.

Explorers relied on pickles to fight off scurvy during long voyages. They're credited with bringing the pickle plant to North America, where it gained favour with settlers. In colonial times the popularity of pickles can be attributed to the fact that they were one of the only juicy, zesty greens that were available to people year round. Pickling cucumbers became an annual household ritual and homemakers were prized for their ability to concoct tasty pickle recipes.

Today, pickles are most often found as a complement to burgers, hot dogs, or sandwiches, but they win over appetites in less obvious foods, such as salad dressings, potato salad, tartar sauce, chutneys, curries, and dips. Block & Barrel Sweet Green Relish and Sweet Mixed Pickles are also perfect for sprinkling into soup, stirring into sandwich fillings, or for adding to stuffing and vegetables for a sweet savoury flavour. Great when mixed into meat and seafood dishes before cooking, they also shine in cold salads.

Dress up appetizer and sandwich trays with Block & Barrel Sweet Green Relish, by making confetti - a sprinkling of relish over open face sandwiches or atop appetizers. Create fan or flower shaped garnishes by arranging Block & Barrel Bread and Butter Pickles to adorn pasta salads or cheese trays.

No matter what your menu application, Block & Barrel Pickles offer you a wide range of traditional pickle varieties - ones that will satisfy customers - ensuring you'll crunch the competition. ยจ


In a Pickle?

Turn to Block and Barrel Pickles and Relish for a Variety of Menu Applications

Hamburger Sliced Dill Pickles

Sliced just right for a great crunch, Block & Barrel Sliced Dill Pickles will be a hit topping off hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and subs.

Sweet Green Relish

With its sweet and crunchy qualities Block & Barrel Relish is comprised of a finely cut cucumber base, red peppers, mustard seed and a delicious blend of spices in a thickened sweet sauce. Use as an ingredient for tartar sauces, dressings or salad sandwiches.

Sweet Mixed Pickles

Consistent well-balanced flavour, size, cut and colour make Block & Barrel Sweet Mixed Pickles perfect for any plate.

Whole Dill Pickles

Great for cutting to any format, or serve whole alongside a favourite deli sandwich. Block & Barrel Whole Dill Pickles provide genuine dill flavour and a firm, crisp crunch.

Bread and Butter Pickles

Perfect for side dishes and salad bars Block & Barrel Bread and Butter Pickles embody a hint of sweetness, and, a fresh, light cucumber flavour, combined with mustard and celery seeds - the perfect complement to any dish.