May 2004 Edition
Fried and True

As all successful foodservice managers know, superior dishes begin with an ensemble of superior ingredients, from the star of the show to the smallest supporting role. For over 18 years, Fry-On® has been the secret weapon of choice for establishments that take pride in their fried cuisine - while their bottom line benefits from lower per-plate costs.

When it comes to fried foods, the oil that you use can mean the difference between crispy, flavourful masterpieces and soggy disappointments. With Fry-On premium fry shortening, available exclusively from Sysco, you can serve guests the same superior quality, consistency and flavour every time, for both dine-in and takeout. Whether it's spicy chicken wings on Monday or delicate zucchini sticks on Friday, you'll always know what to expect from foods cooked in Fry-On - the very best!

What makes Fry-On unique is a special blend of corn and canola oil that's more resistant to breakdown under the grueling conditions of a busy restaurant kitchen. It lasts twice as long as commodity oils, stretching your budget by lowering your per-plate costs. And with an easy-to-use test kit, available at no cost from your Sysco Marketing Associate, you know exactly when it's time to throw the oil out - so you'll be certain to get your full money's worth out of each case.

Fry-On's healthier nutrition profile also makes it the perfect choice for operations appealing to today's health-conscious patron. Made from 100 percent vegetable oils, Fry-On is cholesterol-free and high in heart-healthy vitamin E. It also contains only 10 percent saturated fats - up to 50 percent less than many other oils.

But what really keeps chefs coming back to Fry-On is its flavour, or rather it’s lack thereof. It’s specially blended to produce a light consistency and mild taste that lets the flavour of your food shine through. Plus, with Fry-On you'll never notice flavour transfer between dishes. Use the same oil for elegant fried mushrooms as you did for spicy chicken tenders with none of the taste carrying over.

No matter how often you fry, a high-performance oil can take any dish from so-so to sensational. For the ultimate in quality, consistency and dollar-stretching value, Fry-On has become the MVP of foodservice kitchens across the country. Give it a try and you'll find it’s clearly superior. ¨