May 2004 Edition
Sea the Difference - When You Serve up Succulent Shrimp

Popular as an appetizer or entrée, and as an ingredient in salads, shrimp consistently turns up as the number one seafood choice with diners - it’s quite simply an overwhelming favourite with patrons. Entrées such as crunchy shrimp wraps, coconut shrimp on rice, and steak and shrimp dinners fare particularly well, and as a starter, their demand is unprecedented. Never before has there been a better time to add shrimp to the menu!

Customers are always looking for their favourites, and with more and more diners ordering appetizers to share - having their number one seafood choice on your starter menu will ensure your success with shrimp.

Add some fun to your starters with Sysco Classic Breaded Popcorn Shrimp, or serve up Sysco Classic Breaded Coconut Dinner Shrimp - a savoury shrimp dipped in coconut cream batter, rolled in oriental bread crumbs and real shredded coconut. The key to selling starters is to offer flavour, fun and variety - offer platters with a broad range of flavours and textures and add dipping sauce to complement your selection - this is where a product like Sysco Classic Battered Shrimp is sure to please.

When it comes to salads, nothing spells success like shrimp. An assortment of greens is immediately more impressive with the addition of shrimp. You'll quickly and easily turn a simple salad into an exotic entrée! Try serving up the ever popular Shrimp Caesar, or for more intriguing fare add shrimp to a salad along with couscous, tangerines and almonds, tossed in a spicy yogurt dressing. Add breaded shrimp to your signature salad meal to give it added texture and crunch.

And of course Shrimp's versatility makes it perfect for so many entrées including, popular sauce-toss meals. Shrimp can easily be added along with your signature sauce to top off pasta or vegetable dishes. Other favourites include Cajun Shrimp Creole, Jambalaya, Shrimp & Artichoke Stuffed Fish, Shrimp & Italian Sausage Risotto, Seafood Paella, and so much more! Add shrimp on the top, or on the side of any of your centre of the plate menu items for instant appeal.

Sysco Breaded and Battered Shrimp are perfect for any starter or entrée. They add taste and appeal to your menu and have a high perceived value. When planning your menu, consider the customer appeal and potential profit of adding Sysco Brand Shrimp to the menu - you're sure to Sea the difference. ¨


Choose from a wide range of Sysco Shrimp for a top quality finished product that is consistent and uniform every time.

Sysco Classic Gold Pack, Clean Tail Butterfly Shrimp 2 sizes: 16/20 ct, 21/25 ct

The Cadillac of Breaded Dinner Shrimp for quality, sizing, uniformity, and fresh caught flavour. Fry up crisp, golden and delicious every time. The perfect shrimp dinner!

Sysco Classic Oriental Breaded Shrimp, Clean Tail Butterfly 3 sizes: 16/20 ct, 21/25 ct, 26/30 ct

Breaded with a special white oriental style crumb that delivers great taste, golden colour, and the perfect crunch. Available in a variety of sizes to suit any menu application from appetizers to entrées!

Sysco Classic Breaded Coconut Dinner Shrimp, Clean Tail Butterfly: 21/25 ct

Dipped in a sweet coconut flavoured batter and then lightly coated with an oriental style crunchy breading and real shredded coconut for a delicious tropical flavour. Serve with an Asian dipping sauce for some heat with your sweet!

Sysco Classic Battered Shrimp, Round, Tail Off: 35/45 ct

Round, tail off shrimp are dipped in a batter and par-fried to a delicious golden colour.

Toss in a teriyaki wing sauce and serve over salad, or crunchy noodles. Perfect to add to an appetizer platter.

Sysco Classic Breaded Popcorn Shrimp, Tail Off: 100/150 ct

Bite size premium quality popcorn shrimp coated in an Oriental style breadcrumb. An economical way to add delicious shrimp to your menu. Add to a salad, in a wrap, over steak, or as an appetizer - a very versatile product!

Sysco Classic Breaded Pouch Pack Shrimp, Tail On: <60 ct

Conveniently pre-portioned in 1/2 lb pouches to provide perfect portions and cost control.

Perfect for a lunch or dinner special, 1/2 lb shrimp and chips! Customers will love the value, you'll love the profit!

For the ultimate in value, while still delivering great taste!

Sysco Reliance Oriental Heavily Breaded Shrimp, Breaded Tail: 21/25 ct

Heavily breaded dinner shrimp are butterflied and have fully breaded tails. Economical way to offer large size shrimp to the menu. Serve as a part of an appetizer platter, or as a dinner shrimp special!

Sysco Reliance Heavily Breaded 7.5 oz Pouch Pack Shrimp: 50/70 ct

Heavily breaded tail-on shrimp are pre-pouched to offer perfect portions at a low cost.

The pouch packaging ensures portion and cost control with appealing menu pricing.