March 2004 Edition
Sysco Brand Pork - Morning, Noon or Night

Pork's great value and versatility make it easy to round out your patron's three squares a day. And with a variety of fresh, prepped, trimmed and ready-to-go pork items available from Sysco, you'll never be short ways to tastefully stretch your operational dollars.

Today's pork averages 31 percent less fat and 10 percent less cholesterol than it did a decade ago - advantages even your heart-healthy clientele can’t dispute. In fact, tenderloin - the leanest cut of pork - has fewer calories per three ounce (75 g) serving than a boneless, skinless chicken breast. Add pork's uncanny ability to perfectly complement everything from appetizers to entrees, and you've just found a profit-building staple that's incredibly useful, unbelievably adaptable and completely delicious no matter how you serve it.

Whether you're a deli, a diner or a destination spot, get your guests going with the most important meal of the day. Deliver a winner with fluffy scrambled eggs and plump Sysco Classic Breakfast Sausage, or supply a touch of sophistication with Eggs Benedict and savoury Sysco Imperial or Classic Canadian bacon. These protein-packed essentials also get things rolling when added to filling breakfast burritos. Simply start with a warm tortilla and let your imagination do the rest.

About to open your doors to a hungry bunch lunch crowd? Tame their appetites and use Arrezzio Sliced Pepperoni and Italian-Style Sausage Crumbles to create picture perfect pizza and salad toppings that redefine conventional wisdom.

Or try tapping into the potential of Sysco Classic Pork Butt for prep-friendly stir-fry and irresistible sandwiches. All you need to do is rub down or marinate the pork butt with the seasonings of your choice. Keep your innovative menu additions full time, or easily add new flavour twists for convenient daily specials.

If dinner is your establishment's main course, liven things up with pork dishes that stand out from your usual chicken or beef offerings. Stuff a Sysco Imperial Pork Loin with a buffet of herbs, or elegantly butterfly the loin into boneless centre cut chops for a show-stopping selection.

Introduce your guests to barbecue they won't be able to put down by infusing Sysco Classic Ribs with delectable Cajun or Asian inspired spices.


Give your signature fare a dash of flair and take a time-out from traditional beef and chicken selections. Turn to Sysco and Sysco Brand pork products for a host of convenient, high-quality items that satisfy your bottom line and your guests' appetites, morning, noon or night. ¨

All That and a Pork Barrel of Fun

  • The phrase 'pork barrel' comes from the pre-civil war practice of distributing salt pork in huge barrels. By the 1870's, American congressmen were using the term to explain how they dipped into the 'pork barrel' to fund projects in their home districts.
  • Do you know where Wall Street got its name? When free-roaming hogs began stomping through the valuable grain fields of colonial New York resident farmers chose to block the four-legged offenders with a long wall. A street soon bordered this lower Manhattan fixture and was named, of course, Wall Street.
  • The saying 'living high on the hog' got its start in the U.S. Army. It seems that while enlisted men received the shoulder and leg cuts of pork to eat officers received the top loin cuts. Therefore, 'living high off the hog' came to mean living well.


Direct Grilling Pork

Source: Ontario Pork Producers

  1. Pork cooked on the grill is a thing of beauty when properly cooked; do not overcook it.
  2. Give the grill a good cleaning before starting.
  3. Allow grill to pre-heat before you start to cook .
  4. Pork does not like to be cooked at high temperatures ­ except for tenderloin.
  5. Use tongs to turn meat; do not pierce with a fork.
  6. If you basting sauce has any sugar in it, be careful; it can burn easily. Cook on low, and turn frequently.
  1. Thicker cuts are easier to grill. They do not dry out as easily as thin cuts.
  2. Pork is ready to turn when small beads of liquid appear on the surface of the meat.
  3. Pork is ready when it is JUST cooked, with perhaps a hint of pink.

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