March 2004 Edition
Classic Desserts that are Sure to Please


Time-starved and on-the-go consumers are looking for portability in many of the foods they eat, and desserts are no exception!

Versatile and convenient dessert bars and squares cater to this trend and are enjoying increasing popularity as a result. The well-known 'Brownie' has become the most popular square and there are many variations of this recipe, from basic un-iced brownies that are often used for sundaes, to very decadent, topped creations.

Sysco Classic Dessert Bars and Squares combine great taste, high quality, convenience and competitive portion cost and are the perfect dessert choice for all types of foodservice establishments. Whether you manage a quick service restaurant, catering company, health care facility or campus cafeteria, you'll find the homemade taste and appearance of these products very appealing. They are also ideal for hotels hosting banquets, conventions or weddings.

Available in ten popular varieties, these 12-inch by 16-inch slabs are made of the finest ingredients yielding superior desserts.

Try Sysco Classic Double Fudge Brownie – a dark and delicious fudge brownie packed with chocolate chips and walnut pieces, iced with delectable chocolate fudge icing. Date Squares are another timeless favourite and the Sysco Classic recipe won’t disappoint, its sweet filling of sun-ripened dates is nestled between a crispy streusel topping and a brown sugar and rolled oat crust. Your customers will also love the upscale Blondie Obsession, a tasty blondie base loaded with sweet maple cream, chunks of blondie, creamy caramel and toffee pieces. And, chocoholics of all ages will go crazy over the Brownie Obsession and Triple Chocolate Cake.

When you need variety, turn to the convenient Sysco Classic Combo Pack, containing one slab each of the Double Fudge Brownie, Carrot Spice Cake, Butter Tart Bar and Traditional Nanaimo Bar. The Sysco Classic Carrot Spice Cake is an exceptional blend of fresh shredded carrots, plump sultana raisins and European spice mix, topped with real cream cheese icing. The tempting Sysco Classic Butter Tart Bar features a short crust base under a rich, buttery filling of sultana raisins, walnuts and sweet tropical coconut. Originating in Nanaimo, British Columbia in the 1950’s, the Nanaimo Bar has become one of the most popular dessert bars in Canada and Sysco Classic Nanaimo Bars are sure to be a winner with your customers. Crafted from an original family recipe, they combine a traditional chocolate and coconut base, creamy pastry filling and chocolate topping.

All Sysco Classic Dessert Bars and Squares are simply delicious and are uncut, allowing you to control the size and cost of the portions you serve. They are easy to prepare - simply thaw, cut and serve; or wrap the cut squares to sell to your busy customers for take out. For a fancy upscale presentation, simple, but distinctive dessert solutions can be prepared with these products, using a little creativity.

Serve portions of Sysco Classic Blondie or Brownie Obsession in a martini glass with caramel sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnish with chocolate pencils or cookies. Cut dessert bars into different shapes, such as a triangle, to make a more appealing and unique presentation. Decorate a serving size portion of Sysco Classic Un-iced Brownie or Double Fudge Brownie with sliced roasted almonds and pecan halves and then drizzle caramel sauce on top allowing it to pool slightly on the plate. Or, create a special sundae using the Traditional Nanaimo Bar by chopping portions of the Nanaimo Bar into small chunks and freezing, then blend them with soft-serve ice cream and serve in a sundae glass.

No matter how you serve them, Sysco Classic Dessert Bars and Squares will leave a lasting impression, one that is sure to please. ¨

The earliest printed recipe for Brownies is generally acknowledged to have appeared in the 1906 edition of 'The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book', although they did not actually become widely popular until the 1920’s.1

1 The American Century Cookbook, Jean Anderson [Clarkson Potter:New York] 1997