March 2004 Edition
Eye on Italian

Italian food has a rich history that spans over 2,000 years. Food is an integral part of Italian culture, and each region offers a different flavour and texture to your menu.

Northern Italy features the Tuscan region, famous for flavourful beef, pork and dairy products. The southern region contributes juicy citrus fruits and smooth ricotta, mozzarella and provolone cheeses. And Italy's coastal areas produce exotic seafood selections such as mussels, baby clams and prawns, as well as more traditional fish and lobster delicacies.

The popularity of Italian cuisine rests in its diversity - regional food preferences that have spawned entire cookbooks. Through immigration and globalization these preferences have spanned the globe and influenced chefs worldwide.

With so many delicious dining options, it's no wonder that Italian dishes play such an important role on menus - and not just at 'Italian' food restaurants. Virtually everyone has incorporated Italian food onto their menus in one form or another with pasta and pizza topping the list.

Take advantage of the popularity of Italian cuisine by serving up Italian favourites. It's never been easier than with Sysco Arrezzioâ brands. Whether you're looking for canned tomatoes, or authentic pasta and sauces, or the makings of a perfect pizza pie, Arrezzio offers you premium Italian products designed to help you prepare the finest Old World Italian cuisine.

For the most complete line of pizza doughs, crusts and toppings available turn to Sysco. Start with Arrezzio dough balls, sheeted dough or par-baked crusts and get that made-from-scratch quality without investing heavily in time and labour. So versatile you'll be able to make calzones, stuffed sandwiches, breadsticks and so many more signature items with ease.

Then top it off with Arrezzio toppings, from Pepperoni and Italian Pork Sausage to Specialty toppings, you'll get what you need to create fabulous pies. Simply the finest meats, herbs and spices are used ensuring consistent flavour and performance every time.

Turn your attention to pasta, and you'll be sure to capture the true flavours of Italian cuisine with Arrezzio Classic Pasta and Sauces designed for busy foodservice operators.

Offer your customers delicious filled pasta in unique and savoury combinations including Arrezzio Classic Butternut Squash Tordelli with Arrezzio Classic Sundried Tomato Pesto Sauce or Arrezzio Classic Cheese Tortellini, delicious hat shaped pasta that can be served smothered with butter or poached in a consommé. The possibilities are truly endless when you combine the variety of Arrezzio Classic Stuffed Pastas with the wide range of Arrezzio Classic Sauces.

Whenever you choose to incorporate Italian into the menu may your customers Apprezzare! (enjoy with gusto!)


Antipasto is much more than simply a precursor to Italian meals - its unique combination of ingredients range from the sweet to the spicy, and add Mediterranean mystique and authenticity to any Italian meal. Antipasto is also gaining notoriety for its health benefits. In addition to being low in calories and easy to digest, research has also found that the vegetables and olive oil in Mediterranean antipasto have attributes beneficial to the heart.

The Cornerstone of Italian Cuisine

Quick! What ingredient is called for the most in Italian recipes? Of course, it's got to be the Tomato! And what brand offers you the widest variety of robust, zesty tomato products available anywhere? Well, it must be Arrezzio.

Arrezzio Canned Tomatoes are simply the best in the industry. Processed and canned immediately after harvest to preserve freshness, these products come to you bursting with juicy, fresh-from-the-garden flavour, for a vast variety of authentic applications.