January 2004 Edition
Foodservice Supplies: Serve it up in Style

At Sysco, we know what it takes to make foodservice smooth and simple. From the front of the house to the back, Sysco provides every accessory a foodservice operation demands.

OneCup for the Road

Designed to complement the Citavo Coffee Program, Citavo OneCup is the latest addition to this beverage friendly line of products. It's two-ply foam construction easily stacks to free up storage space and provides better insulating properties than paper - eliminating the need for double cupping and cup sleeves. 12, 16 and 20 oz cups use the same size lid - no more fumbling for the correct size lid for each size cup. Excellent for hot and cold beverages alike, OneCups help your customers stay on the go with their favourite beverage in hand.

Foiled Again

Aluminum is a perfect material for all types of containers. The natural qualities of aluminum, its impermeability and barrier properties, provide real benefits. Aluminum can be used to prepare, freeze, store, transport, cook and serve a variety of foods.

Score points with Sysco Aluminum Foil Containers. Made of sturdy guage aluminum Sysco Aluminum Foil Containers are available in many attractive shapes and sizes, they bake up evenly and retain temperature after cooking and best of all they can be used to freeze foods that will be reheated later.

For catering needs, Sysco steamtable pans combine the strength, durability and economy of an aluminum container for both hot and cold food presentations. Steamtable pans allow food to be prepared, heated, refrigerated, shipped and served all in the same pan! They’re ideal for main courses, casseroles, vegetables, side dishes and desserts.

Then wrap it up with Sysco Foil! Featuring a variety of gauges Sysco Aluminum Foil Wrap is easy to dispense and easy to store and with a variety of lengths and widths there is something suitable for every application. Aluminum Foil Pop Up Sheets are easy to dispense one-at-a-time and make for quick and easy wrapping, capping and hooding. Available in gold and silver they add style to your foil wrapped food.