January 2004 Edition
Fresh Opportunities...Fresh From the Dairy

It's true! When it comes to Wholesome Farms Milk and Cream, Sysco offers your operation endless opportunities, people just can’t get enough of its fresh-from-the-dairy goodness.

Serve milk by the glass for a perfect complement to any meal or snack. Fold milk or cream into your signature recipes for unmatched flavour and texture - The nutritious, delicious taste is perfect anywhere!

As one of Canada's leading foodservice brands, Wholesome Farms offers a full range of dairy products to suit your every cooking and serving need, from soups and sauces, to desserts, or that refreshing glass of milk.

We know that pure and nutritious milk starts with healthy cows and clean farms and we ensure that Wholesome Farms milk and creams are guaranteed fresh and delicious each and every serving.

And when you've got fresh milk and cream on hand the possibilities for enhancing your menu are endless.

Centre-of-the-plate menu options such as poached salmon are given a kick with the addition of creamy Béchamel sauce. Enrobe tender chunks of chicken with savoury Alfredo sauce or make it memorable by adding creamy mushroom sauce to a sirloin steak Napoleon. Serve up a moist and delicious casserole, creamy and smooth mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, or pasta primavera made with milk and indulge your customers with the natural delicious taste that only milk can provide.

For soups with style add milk or cream instead of water to the recipe and you'll be serving up house specialties - smooth and creamy tomato basil soup, rich corn chowder, or sweet potato bisque - made substantive by adding milk or cream.

When it comes to desserts, milk and cream get their chance to shine. Puddings and custard come to life when made with milk, which also provides practical flair to the delicate sophistication of Crème Brulée. Use milk to create a signature beverage such as a chocolate monkey made with milk, crushed ice and banana, or whip up rich and delicious milkshakes with your favourite flavour of Wholesome Farms ice cream and the fresh cold taste of milk.

And, because nothing beats cream in your coffee, serve your finest brew with Wholesome Farms 10% or 18% Creamers or for those customers who are looking for a lighter choice Wholesome Farms 2% Milkettes, simply the quintessential accompaniment to your beverage service.

When you need milk or cream - there's really only one choice - Wholesome Farms - a name that is synonymous with exceptional quality, freshness and great taste. So next time, take the opportunity to serve Wholesome Farms Milk and Cream. Fresh from the dairy. Fresh from Sysco. ¨



  • The milk fat (M.F.) is what gives cream its special properties for baking and cooking. The higher the fat content, the richer, creamier and thicker the resulting sauce, dessert or casserole.
  • Even light cream (10% M.F.) has advantages in cooking - it is less likely than milk to curdle when combined with acidic or salty ingredients.
  • For best whipping results, follow these guidelines:
  • refrigerate utensils in advance
  • use stainless steel or glass bowl just wide enough for the beater
  • whip only 1 cup (250 mL) at a time
  • do not over beat the cream


  • Store milk and milk products at 39°F (4°C) or lower.
  • Put milk and milk products back into the refrigerator quickly. Even short periods of time at room temperature can cause off-flavours and spoilage before the best before dates.
  • Rotate your milk and milk products. Use the older products first.
  • Serve milk and milk products from their original containers. This will help maintain shelf life.
  • Store milk and milk products away from strong smelling foods. Milk is sensitive to odours.
  • Refrigerate opened containers of canned and UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk and use within two weeks of opening. Pour opened canned milk into a clean container and cover.

Did you know?

It takes only 30 minutes at room temperature to bring the temperature of a litre of milk above the danger point to where irreparable damage can occur. Be Careful!

What's in the Wholesome Farms Cooler?

SUPC CodeWholesome Farms 2% White Milk

24/250 mL 0776864

12/500 mL 0776757

Wholesome Farms 1% Chocolate Milk

24/250 mL 0776716

12/500 mL 0776955

Wholesome Farms 10% Creamers 2/160ct.

9mL 0776880

Wholesome Farms 18% Creamers 2/160ct.

9mL 0776898

Wholesome Farms 2% Milkettes 2/160ct

9mL 0776856

Wholesome Farms 35% Whipping Cream

12/1 L 0776922

Wholesome Farms 10% Cream

12/1 L 0776989