January 2004 Edition
Rhapsody in Brew

From white tablecloth restaurants to college campus cafes to office building kiosks, premium coffee is one of the hottest trends around. Gone are the days of the 'plain ol cup of Joe' - today's connoisseurs demand superior variety, aroma and flavour.

Not so long ago, a cup of java was just that, with cream and sugar as the only available options. Today, as customers line up to pay top dollar for a cup of premium blend with all the extras, coffee has become a booming business on its own. Once reserved for neighbourhood cafes, select coffee and tea blends have arrived on the full-service hospitality scene, allowing restaurants, hotels and other establishments to tap into outstanding profit-boosting possibilities.

Available in so many delicious varieties Sysco's CitavoTM Fine Coffee makes it easy to serve up the perfect cup of coffee every time. Citavo 100% Colombian Traditional Roast starts with a blend of green coffees that are selected from specific growing regions and roasted to a medium level, resulting in a brew with a medium to light body. Citavo 100% Colombian European Roast contains the same selection of coffees used in the Traditional Roast but they are roasted to a deeper colour giving the resulting brew a medium to full-bodied flavour.

Unique among foodservice brands for its uncommonly high percentage of Colombian Excelso beans, Citavo Arabica coffee is a superior premium blend that is sure to satisfy coffee connoisseurs. Choose from 100% Arabica Traditional Roast or 100% Arabica European Roast, or 100% Arabica Royal Mountain Roast - an all-mild arabica blend, conventionally roasted to a medium level, the resulting brew has a light body. For a medium to full-bodied flavour turn to 100% Arabica Gold Roast.

And while many coffee zealots may scoff at flavoured coffees, preferring to enjoy traditional blends, offering flavoured coffees can have a big payoff. Young people, especially teens are driving sales of flavoured coffees and the market for flavoured coffees is seeing tremendous growth.

Citavo Café, an extension of the Citavo line, offers a full range of Flavoured Coffees that are more than just a beverage- they're a treat! Whether it's the delicate essence of cinnamon, or the decadent smoothness of rich chocolate, these flavoured coffees offer the ultimate coffee experience. Try Hazelnut Crème which combines the essence of golden brown hazelnuts with a splash of delicate vanilla, or serve up Double Nut Fudge, a delicious combination of rich chocolate and nut flavours - a dessert lover's dream! Or turn to a traditional standby such as Citavo's Irish Crème, an Irish Crème coffee that won't disappoint - enjoy its sweet, smooth flavour - an after dinner delight.

And for your Espresso service, Citavo Café offers Espresso Whole Bean blends of the finest coffee beans giving a distinctive crema, rich aroma and full-bodied flavour. Best of all, the same rich crema, aroma and heavenly flavour are also available without the caffeine. Or, for perfect espresso every time, try Citavo Café Espresso Pods, individually wrapped gas flushed pouches that offer unbeatable convenience.

Only the best coffees are selected for the Citavo name, and you can count on them cup after cup to provide your customers with the superior taste, aroma and flavour they expect from their coffee. ¨


Known for a rich flavour and fruity aroma, Colombian coffees are a favourite with coffee lovers everywhere. The appearance of the Colombian Federation Juan Valdez logo on the package certifies the product to be current crop UGQ Excelso grade green beans from Colombia.


Italian for "Extremely quick", espresso is a strong, flavourful coffee that is brewed by forcing hot water quickly through finely ground coffee beans. Espresso was introduced by Luigi Bezzera at the turn of the century. Bezzera was looking for a time saving method of brewing coffee to minimize the amount of break time his workers needed to brew and enjoy their coffee.

Make Mine Decaf

Decaffeinated coffee was the brainchild of Dr. Ludwig Roselius who developed his decaffeination process in the early part of the 20th century. In the 1930's General Mills (now Kraft) took Roselius' decaffeination methods and 'branded' decaffeinated coffee - Sanka (short for Sans [French for without] Caffeine). Chances are you'll have customers who will request decaffeinated coffee as it is estimated that approximately 20 percent of those who drink coffee order decaf. Check out these Citavo Fine Coffees that are available Decaffeinated.

Citavo 100% Colombian Traditional Roast Decaffeinated

Citavo 100% Colombian European Roast Decaffeinated

Citavo 100% Arabica Traditional Roast Decaffeinated

Citavo 100% Arabica European Roast Decaffeinated

Citavo Café Varieties

Citavo Hazelnut Crème Decaffeinated

Citavo Vanilla Fantasy Decaffeinated