November 2003 Edition
Peerless, Prime Rib

Prime Rib has a rich tradition of providing the centerpiece for Sunday buffet tables, and many restaurants have built their reputation by providing a Prime Rib meal. Prime Rib has long been prized for its ability to anchor a menu, and it is truly the Centre of the Plate dining option.

Sysco Butcher's BlockTM Prime Rib delivers the consistency and quality that you have come to expect from the Butcher's Block brand. Its unsurpassed attributes are a result of the uncompromising product specifications and quality assurance measures that go into the selection of Butcher's Block products.

All Butcher's Block beef starts with Alberta beef cattle - beef cattle breeds like Hereford, Angus, and Limosin. These cattle are grain fed with finishing feeds that enable the beef to marble well, with sufficient internal fat, to provide tenderness and most importantly flavour. Alberta beef has a very robust, rich flavour which is a result of the cattle being fed mixed grain feeds, as opposed to an all corn diet.

Food safety is also of paramount importance to Sysco's Butcher's Block beef program and it should be a top priority for your customers. Butcher's Block beef is processed at state of the art facilities that exceed the high standards mandated by the Canadian government ensuring the best possible defense against food borne pathogens.

In addition, Sysco Quality Assurance (QA) Technicans work onsite at the beef plant. These Quality Assurance professionals select only the best carcasses to become Butcher's Block beef, and they oversee fabrication so only the best possible product is packed under the Sysco Butcher's Block brand.

Carcass selection is also of particular importance. For the sake of efficiency, farmers, feedlot operators, packing houses and many retail operations focus on producing larger cattle. However the smaller cuts of beef are highly sought after for most steaks and roasting cuts. Sysco's Quality Assurance team selects only those carcasses of 780 lbs or less (the average Alberta cattle is approximately 860 lbs) so that the carcass can be broken into the right size cuts.

The QA Technican oversees the fabrication (the disassembly of the carcass into its various cuts - striploins, inside rounds etc..) and ensures that exterior fat is properly trimmed to provide high yield. They also confirm muscle conformity and colour (rejecting darker cuts), and correct finished weights. If any of the Butcher's Block criteria are not met, the product is rejected and will not be packed under the Butcher's Block brand. Conveniently packaged in foodservice friendly box sizes (most cuts are two to three pieces per box, rather than the traditional six pieces per box) the Butcher's Block brand is also packaged in extra heavy preprinted vacuum bags bearing the Butcher's Block logo within an over strength carton. This ensures you receive the product in the best possible condition.

Aging is another essential step in the process of bringing our customers high quality Butcher's Bock beef. Aging quite simply allows natural enzymes to break down the fibre of the beef, leaving it tender and juicy when cooked. Butcher's Block striploins, top sirloin butts and boneless ribeyes are aged a minimum of 21 days and are shipped from our regional operating companies to your backdoor.

When it comes to Prime Rib, bigger really is not better. The Prime Rib's appeal often revolves around the size of the eye in the roast. A smaller eye size with a thicker slice is preferred. A larger roast does not allow for this, as you are forced to slice thin servings in an attempt to keep the plate serving at the right portion cost. Instead of serving an 8-10 oz slice you may end up cutting off 12-14 oz slices, which has the hidden impact of raising your food costs by up to 25 percent!

Larger roasts also come from older animals with larger 'fat plugs' or 'kernel fat pockets', which develop on the chuck end of the rib between the main and cap muscle. These fat pockets are not popular with customers who are more often than not looking for leaner cuts of beef. Butcher's Block Prime Ribs are sized significantly smaller the industry average, ensuring that the "kernel fat pocket" problem is minimized.

Prime Rib is sure to please on any menu, from fine dining, to country clubs, and family style foodservice operations, Prime Rib is a favourite menu choice during the holidays and year round. Offer Butcher's Block Prime Rib for a meal that will be long remembered as truly a peerless dining experience. ¨

Butcher's Block Prime Rib Selection

Butcher's Block Deluxe Ribs (raw weight approximately 20-23 lbs)

A Bone-in rib with a fat cap fitted on top from the end of the tail around the top to the chine bones. Butcher's Bock has a targeted 20 percent cap by finished weight. Favoured by chefs who feel the fat cap provides additional flavour.

Butcher's Block Capless Ribs (raw weight approximately 15-18 lbs)

A Bone-in deluxe rib with the fat cap removed. The false lean and channel fat are also removed. Provides accurate plate costing, and enables you to encrust the surface with herbs and spices to create a signature menu item. This bone-in cut helps to elevate the rib roast off the floor of the pan and ensure even cooking.

Butcher's Block Ribeyes Lip-On (raw weight approximately 12-15 lbs)

A deluxe rib with the cap and bone removed, (when the bones are removed it is the 'rib's eye'). Lip-On refers to the tail portion remaining. Weight is reduced as the bones are removed. (approximately 12-15 lbs). High yield as the bone has been removed and the absence of bone offers easy carving. Roast may be encrusted and it is suggested that the bottom of the pan be layered with vegetables to ensure even cooking. Boneless product is very tender as it is aged longer than bone-in products.

Success with Butcher's Block

Weston Golf and Country Club

Weston, Ontario

Executive Chef Maurizio Coticone

From its humble beginnings as a four-hole golf course begun by four friends in 1909 in the small town of Weston, Ontario; the Weston Golf & Country Club has grown into one of Canada's premiere golf courses. The Weston Golf and Country Club also houses a curling rink where avid curlers enjoy the very popular Weston Classic Cash Spiel - a highlight of the curling season.

Weston Golf and Country Club provides exceptional banquet and catering facilities for its members and their sponsored guests. Executive Chef Maurizio Coticone utilizes the full line of Butcher's Block Beef, including Tenderloins, Strip Loins, and Prime Rib, which is a mainstay on his menu. Says Chef Coticone, "Butcher's Block Beef has made my life a lot easier, I have tried a lot of beef brands and Butcher's Block is well aged, it is consistently fresh, and I have had nothing but compliments since I switched to Butcher's Block Beef."

"Our membership expects the food to be good. I did a recent membership survey and the feedback I received was all very positive."

"The Butcher's Block Prime Rib is a consistent size and it ensures a consistent cut, it is always well aged and it's my best seller."

The Original Bo Peep Family Restaurant & Fanny's Sports Lounge

Scarborough, Ontario

Co-Owner Ernie Jaku

The Original Bo Peep Family Restaurant is a family style full-service restaurant and it is also home to Fanny's Sports Lounge. Established in 1951, The Original Bo Peep Family Restaurant has been in the same location for over fifty years and has a strong local following. This third generation family business serves up traditional family fare to a very loyal customer base - some of the customers have been coming in for as long as the restaurant has been in business! And, co -owner Ernie Jaku says that fifty percent of the clientele are regular customers.

The menu at the Original Bo Peep Family Restaurant is true comfort food, everything from a popular all day breakfast, to Sheppards Pie, liver & onions, veal, and of course Prime Rib.

Says Ernie Jaku, "Prime Rib is a favourite here. It’s a big seller."At The Original Bo Peep Family Restaurant, the Prime Rib is served up just the way the customers like it - au jus, with choice of potato, vegetable and salad.

Jaku credits the Butcher's Block Beef program for the success of his Prime Rib dinner. "The Butcher's Block Prime Rib is consistent and that's a big factor for us. The pack size works very well for us, and the trim is really good. The product is aged nicely and we have had nothing but compliments when we serve up Butcher's Block Prime Rib. I've been using the Butcher's Block product from the very beginning and I have had great success with it right from the start."