November 2003 Edition
The Virtue of Finger Foods

People from all nationalities love to eat food in small portions. Italians serve antipasto, the Chinese have dim sum, the Spanish have tapas and the French have hors d'oeuvres. With the popularity of shareable portions, and the holiday season approaching, now more than ever, appetizer sales are hot.

The appetizer is one of the most important aspects of your menu because it is the first thing the customer experiences in your establishment. It must be tasty and prepared to perfection, as it sets the tone for the meal to follow, and it should be taken very seriously because it can also be a powerful cheque builder.

It's important to give customers a reason to sample your appetizers by offering tasty alternatives to the entrée menu instead of scaled down portions of the entrée favourites. People are often willing to experiment a little when it comes to the appetizer menu so it’s the perfect place to showcase international cuisine and interesting alternatives to standard fare. In fact, one of the best ways to encourage appetizer sales is to make sure that the appetizers you offer are interesting and unique.

Sysco Imperial appetizers have that "hand made" quality which discriminating chefs insist upon, making them uniquely positioned to enhance your appetizer menu. Available in so many varieties, Sysco Imperial Appetizers are pre-baked, simply heat and serve.

Try Sysco Imperial Mushroom Turnovers, an irresistible cream cheese pastry filled with tender mushrooms and onions, sautéed and blended with rich sour cream and herbs. Or, invite your customers to savour the flavour of Sysco Imperial Seafood Crab Cakes, a light bite of tasty seafood including snow crab meat and Pollock, fresh celery, diced red pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, onion and chives.

For an age-old crowd pleaser, Try Sysco Imperial Mini Beef Wellingtons. They've got all the flavour and appeal of their larger counterparts in a smaller mouth watering morsel. Using real beef tenderloin, Sysco Imperial Mini Beef Wellington surrounds premium beef with a rich creamy mushroom flavoured duxelle.

Looking for a sandwich platter that will add a finishing touch to your buffet table? Serve Sysco Imperial Party Spirals.® These fun bite-sized sandwiches are made with deli meats; cheeses and vegetables rolled in softened cracker bread with herbed cream cheese and spinach. Available in a variety of flavours to capture tastebuds - choose from Turkey & Pepper Jack, Ham & Swiss, or Red Pepper & Olive.

In fact, having a variety of Sysco Appetizers on hand makes sense, dollars and cents - Appetizers are no longer an add on, or simply a prelude to the main meal - sometimes they are the meal! With more and more companies choosing to host functions where cocktails and appetizers are served, followed by dessert and coffee, the entrée is completely eliminated. The after dinner theatre crowd may also be interested in appetizers as opposed to entrees, so it is worth your while to offer a variety of Sysco Appetizers - allowing you to make those appetizer sales count.

Quickly becoming one of the fastest ways to a customer's heart, these virtuous pint-size selections are big on taste - and great for your business. ¨

An All-time French Favourite - Petite Quiche

When served up in petite portions, this perennial French favourite is even more appetizing! Sysco Assorted Petite Quiches offer a wonderful selection that will challenge every taste sensation. From traditional Classic French, Florentine, to Monterey and Mushroom Quiche - Sysco Petite Quiches offer delicious and dainty choices. Best of all - they're pre-cooked - ready to heat & serve.

Appealing Appetizers

Sysco Imperial Spanikopita

Traditional feta cheese pie features premium feta cheese filling and delicious flaky filo pastry.

Sysco Imperial Franks in a Blanket

Designed specifically to puff up golden brown without burning the dog, Sysco Imperial Franks in a Blanket pastry contains less sugar-sweeteners. Truly puff pastry that shines in the spotlight.

Sysco Imperial Bacon Wrapped Scallops

A seafood lover's dream, these Bacon Wrapped Scallops are produced using dry packed scallops to avoid scallop shrinkage and unappealing salt brine flavour found in wet packed scallops.

Sysco Imperial Kalamata & Artichoke Tart

A delicious filling of Artichoke, combined with a Kalamata olive at the centre, this unique appetizer combines the rich fruity flavour of the Kalamata olive with the nutty taste of Artichokes.

Sysco Imperial Beef and Chicken Kabobs

Unseasoned beef and chicken kabobs allow you to add your own signature sauce and seasoning, for an appetizer that is uniquely yours.

Sysco Imperial Crab Rangoon

An intriguing combination of crab and crunchy wantons this classic Crab Rangoon recipe is a popular party favourite year after year.

Sysco Imperial Coconut Lobster Tail

Real South American cold water farm raised lobster tail. More than an hors d'oeuvres it can be sued to garnish seafood plates or lobster salad.

Sysco Imperial Cashew Chicken Springrolls and Vegetable Springrolls

Large pieces of cashews, vegetables and chicken offer a delicious crunch. Premium ingredients make these springrolls the pick of the crop when it comes to Asian appetizers.

Sysco Imperial Portobello Puffs

A unique blend of Portobellos, roma tomato, and goat cheese filling provide remarkable flavour to Imperial Portabello Puffs.

Casa Solana Beef Empanada

This southwestern inspired appetizer is a mouth watering addition to your Mexican offerings. Authentic masa pastry flavour and delicious southwest beef stuffing.

Casa Solana Smoked Chicken Quesadilla

Flour tortillas filled with moist smoked chicken. A secret blend of spices and herbs provide authentic southwest flavour. Serve with sour cream or salsa for dipping.

Casa Solana Santa Fe Chicken

Traditional beggars purse with flavourful southwestern chicken filling. Use Casa Solana Santa Fe Chicken and avoid the heavy labour associated with preparing these popular appetizers.