July 2003 Edition
Break for Steak

What's hand selected, aged and tender? Not to mention moist, juicy and dependably delicious? Why, Butcher's BlockTM Boxed Beef, of course! The fact that it is comprised of hand-selected cuts available in consistent sizing to satisfy the needs of every customer ensures patron-pleasing results, every time. In fact, it's one of the most consistent, quality-assured and tasty beef brands on the market.

It's for these reasons and more that Butcher's Block from Sysco takes special pride in its Reserve and Angus beef. Butcher's Block was specifically developed to give the customer the right cut of beef for every occasion which has created a brand that everyone else tries to measure up to.

The Butcher's Block industry-leading, 21-day aging process that locks in tenderness ensures that the meat will be tender and ready to eat when the customer receives it. It’s a little extra work but it is appreciated by our customers.

And, working to ensure customer satisfaction is nothing new for the Butcher's Block brand. With a quality-assurance team that checks for the proper weight and fat-trim standards on the production lines of major meat packers across the country; you can count on Butcher's Block to deliver premium rib and loin cuts that create mouth-watering steak and beef entrées - every time.

What more could you ask for than reliability, consistency and value in one palate-pleasing package? Once a customer has used the Butcher's Block brand, they know there isn’t anything else like it. It's the best beef money can buy. ¨

Go Ahead, Rub It In!

Get ready for a deluge of praise from your patrons when they feast on meat, fish and poultry dishes enhanced with flavourful rubs made with Imperial/McCormick® spices. An easy and inexpensive way to add that "secret ingredient" to your entrées, rubs provide a zesty infusion and tantalize taste buds with their spicy origins. Best of all, rubs allow meat, fish and poultry to retain their natural juices - giving you the ability to create stand-out signature recipes that will consistently satisfy your guests. Try these tasty ideas for menu items that guarantee repeat customers.

  • The flavour of the islands is at your fingertips with a Caribbean rub blended from dashes of Imperial/McCormick Curry powder and Ground Allspice.
  • A French rub that includes Imperial/McCormick Cajun Seasoning and Parsley Flakes offers flair.

These rubs are also right at home when used to season vegetables or added to batters for breading. So for a delicious deviation from marinades, turn to rubs made with Imperial/McCormick spices - and watch your customers rub in the compliments!


Marinades are easy to prepare and add a new dimension to almost any food. It’s a good idea to have a selection or marinades on hand so you can quickly add them to any meat or vegetable to make an exceptional entrée or side dish. Premade marinades also ensure that the oils and spices have plenty of time to mesh in flavour and develop more body, so they'll marry with the food and make a truly flavourful first