July 2003 Edition
Spotless & Sparkling

At Sysco we know that people expect safe food and a clean environment and we invite you to keep your establishment spotless and sparkling with Sysco's complete line up of professional foodservice cleaning products.

Turn to the Sysco family of cleaners when you need effective cleaning that's easy to use - whether you're cleaning up the cooking and food preparation areas, the dining area, or for manual cleaning of the tools of your trade - utensils, pots and pans.

No one wants to be responsible for a case of food borne illness and these days more than ever customers need assurance that food is being prepared in a clean environment. Cases of food born illness are very much in the public's mind so you can’t afford to skimp on cleanliness.

Not only does your establishment have to be clean to provide a safe dining experience for your guests, it also has to look clean to garner their respect. And with more and more restaurants boasting an open style kitchen concept it is not only the chef's culinary expertise that is on display, the kitchen's cleanliness will also come under greater scrutiny.

Ensuring your establishment is both spotless and sparkling can be achieved by identifying your cleaning needs, creating a cleaning schedule, and by utilizing the proper cleaner for each surface.

To identify your cleaning needs, start with an audit. Walk through your establishment and take note of all your equipment and surfaces including walls, floors, light fixtures, doors etc…and record any of your current procedures for keeping these items clean. In addition take into account how your employees are currently cleaning these items, if you're unclear ask them how they currently clean each item.

Once you know what you are cleaning and how you are currently cleaning it, you can develop a schedule that takes into consideration how often each item requires cleaning. Your schedule should take into account such things as ventilation, or the frequency with which an item has been used.

The schedule should be clear and easy to follow with step by step instructions. This will ensure that no matter who does the cleaning it will be completed with the same attention to detail each and every time.

Using the right cleaning product for each type of surface also contributes to effective cleaning while at the same time making the job easier. Unfortunately when it comes to cleaners, people all to often use inappropriate cleaning products. If this is the case, and the surface remains dirty after the clean up job is complete, then the clean up efforts are pointless. The surface is still dirty and the potential for compromised food safety still remains. Choose cleaners that are designed for foodservice operations, and match the cleaner to the surface, following the directions on the product label for best results.

Allow staff time to clean, and delegate the cleaning duties so that no job gets overlooked. Posting daily cleaning schedules and assigning tasks will ensure that the clean up gets done. Posting the schedule also draws attention to the task and in the case of restrooms, also signals customers that the facility is being kept clean.

Finally, after your schedule is in place, be sure to test it by observing staff as they clean, or by swab testing and inspecting. Maintain a written record or checklist and reward clean behaviour.

Serving safe food in a clean environment will help you avoid the costs associated with an outbreak of foodborne illness, while at the same time ensuring your image is that of a spotless and sparkling dining establishment. ยจ

Manual Cleaning of Utensils & Pots and Pans

Utilizing the Three Sink Method

  1. Fill sinks:
  2. 1st Sink: Sysco Manual Dish, Pot and Pan Detergent.

    2nd Sink: Water

    3rd Sink: BACTOLTM Disinfecting Sanitizer

  3. Scrape off food debris.
  4. Allow soaking in 1st sink.

    Hand scrub if necessary.

  5. Rinse in 2nd sink.
  6. Apply jet of hot water from spray facet if necessary.

  7. Dip in 3rd sink and allow to air dry.

The Sysco Line Up

  • Sysco Grease Remover

Cleaner Degreaser Deodorant

  • Sysco Heavy Duty Kitchen Cleaner

Citrus Cleaner Degreaser

  • Sysco Blue Concentrate

All Purpose Cleaner

  • Sysco Oven and Grill Cleaner

Griddle and Fryer Cleaner

  • Sysco Liquid Hand Soap

Lotion Soap

  • Sysco Pine-O-Gel

All Purpose Cleaner

  • 3 In 1

Disinfecting All Purpose and Glass Cleaner

  • Sysco Kleer View

Glass & Window Cleaner

  • Sysco Manual Dish, Pot and Pan Detergent

Dishwashing Liquid

  • Bactol