July 2003 Edition
We Turn the Spotlight On...

Jamie Campbell, Marketing Associate

Sysco West

ST How long have you been with Sysco?

I just celebrated my ten year anniversary with Sysco. I started with the company in Codville, Winnipeg and have been serving Northern Manitoba for the past four years.

ST Tell us a little bit about your territory and your accounts.

Serving Northern Manitoba can be challenging! My territory includes Swan River and all parts north up to Churchill, Manitoba. I handle mostly street sales, not chains and most of the customers are family styled restaurants.

ST What do you like best about Sysco Brand?

I can sell Sysco Brand with confidence knowing that my customer is getting a great product. I believe customers know that when they buy Sysco Brand they will get maximum value for their spent dollar. Sysco Brand will outperform most competitors in taste, yield and performance.

ST How have you solved a customer problem?

There have been so many times when I have been able to provide a solution to a problem and I really enjoy this aspect of the business. I try to see what customers use and then offer them a different item that can help them be more profitable. I had a customer who went through a lot of dry ribs at his restaurant and he was purchasing pork buckeyes, then paying someone to dice up and bread the product. I had him try a ready-made product, he liked it, and was able to realize significant savings on just that one menu item.

I often show customers that by buying Sysco Brand produce they are getting a far fresher consistent product. When it comes to something like Romaine lettuce for example, I am able to show them that the quality of the Sysco Brand Romaine lettuce will yield more servings, giving them more profit at the end of the day.

ST What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Due to the large geographic area of my territory, its sheer size can be challenging. I drive to visit my customers and travelling to Thompson, Manitoba for instance is a nine hour round trip drive. If a customer is away for some reason, and I miss them, then I don't see them again for two more weeks.

ST What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

When customers appreciate the information that I am able to give them to make them more successful. This can be anything from menu suggestions or information concerning trends or by supplying new innovative products that can help them in their business.

ST What are your goals for the future?

As a Marketing Associate I would like to continue helping my customers to be as profitable as they can be. I want to grow and maintain my territory.

ST What do you enjoy most about working for Sysco?

I like the fact that Sysco cares about the customer. At Sysco we see the customer as our partner in success, and we always seem to be introducing new and exciting products that help benefit our partners. ยจ