May 2003 Edition
The Wholesome Solution

Welcome your café guests with a pat of delicious butter on a hearty blueberry muffin. Serve up a tasty dollop of sour cream on a steaming baked potato at lunchtime. Indulge your patrons with a decadent dessert topped with whipped cream after dinner. No matter the time of day, dairy products are a key ingredient for a satisfying snack or meal.

And as a foodservice operator, you know you can build a recipe for success by treating your customers to fresh, wholesome dairy products from a brand that prides itself on quality as much as you do.

Wholesome Farms delivers that assurance with a reliable family of traditional dairy and cultured products. These products are top-quality and are available in a substantial array of items.

While fluid milk has been the cornerstone of the Wholesome Farms brand since its inception, customers today are becoming increasingly aware of the premium quality of Wholesome Farms Sour cream, Cottage Cheese, Non-dairy Creamers, specialty butter items and more. It’s no mystery why. The focus has always been on the quality of the product and the way it is produced.

From fluid milk to cottage cheese, Wholesome Farms approved dairies from coast to coast produce a quality-assured farm-fresh family of products that is the Wholesome Farms Line. These dairies have been in the business a long time, and that's important. Equally important is customer satisfaction. From the high-volume user to the low-volume user, anyone can have their dairy needs met, no matter what those needs are.

With an attitude like that, it’s easy to see why foodservice operators rely on Wholesome Farms to satisfy customers' cravings for freshness and quality. It’s a brand that delivers the very best in dairy. ¨

Butter Makes it Better

Butter. That sweet, creamy kitchen staple that adds just the right flavour to your signature recipes and dishes. What could be better than to complement its smooth texture and rich taste with fresh spices and seasonings?

Fortunately for taste buds everywhere, Wholesome Farms has discovered a quick and easy way for you to serve up delicious butter blends made with aromatic spices and seasonings. Produced from 100 percent grade AA butter and fresh - not powdered - ingredients, Wholesome Farms Culinary Butter offers customers premium butter blends that sell themselves with their quality and flavoursome taste. Try these savoury suggestions and add just the right touch to the items on your menu.

  • A juicy, choice-cut steak tops the taste chart when drizzled with garlic-infused culinary butter.
  • Create a tasty, fresh pasta dish for pennies per portion with pesto-flavoured culinary butter.
  • Southwestern-spiced culinary butter satisfies customers' cravings when added to meat, fish and crisp vegetable entrees.

So for a simple way to enhance your efficiency, your dishes and your profit margins - or to create your own special flavours based on your needs and recipes - contact your Sysco Marketing Associate for a product that will butter up your patrons and have them coming back for more.