Kale and Quinoa Roasted Chicken Salad Courtesy Of: Ventura Foods Kale and Quinoa Roasted Chicken Salad 1 serving 2 cups Kale, cleaned and center rib cut out 1 cup Quinoa, red and white, cooked 1 cup Roasted chicken, pulled 1" pieces 2 oz. Zucchini, julienned 2 oz. Red onion, julienne 2 oz. Pear tomatoes, 1/2's 2 oz. Carrot, julienne 3 oz. Avocado Poblano ranch dressing 2 tbs. Chopped cilantro 1. Mix all of the Ingredients together and combine well.
2. On the serving dish us the kale as the base of the salad and place the remainder of the ingredients and mound with height.