Cavatappi Pasta Courtesy Of: Sysco Corporate Chef Brent Durec Cavatappi Pasta 5 oz Arrezzio Cavatappi Canadian pasta 1 oz Arrezzio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.5 oz Arrezzio Pepperoni 2 oz Sysco Imperial Yellow onion, diced 0.05 oz Sysco Imperial Garlic, peeled, chopped 2 oz Cargill Ground beef 1 oz 4 Monks Cooking wine 3 oz Arrezzio Marinara sauce 0.25 oz Armstrong Cheese Parmesan cheese, grated 0.5 oz Mastro Pancetta 3 ea Arrezzio Cooked Italian meatballs Method
1. Cook pasta as directed on box, pull from water, drain and cool on rack in the fridge.
2. Heat Olive oil and sauté pepperoni until crisp, remove and save for later.
3. Add diced onion and chopped garlic to hot oil and cook until tender, add ground beef and
sauté until brown and fully cooked.
4. Deglaze with white wine and reduce by half.
5. Add Marinara sauce, pepperoni and meatballs and simmer. Add half of the Parmesan cheese.
6. Add cooked pasta to the pan and reheat to temperature. Season to taste.
7. Plate and garnish with pancetta crisp and rest of the Parmesan cheese.