Steak and Lattice Cut Skillet Courtesy Of: McCain Foods Canada Steak and Lattice Cut Skillet 5 Shareable Skillets 1 Head Broccoli (par cooked) 1.5 lbs McCain® Lattice Cut Potatoes 510 g Striploin Steak, cooked whole and sliced 1 cup Mushrooms, sliced and cooked 1/2 cup Peppers, diced 30 Cherry whole tomatoes 250 ml Cheddar, shredded 3 stalks Green Onions (optional), sliced
Grill Steak until medium and allow to rest.

Cook McCain® Lattice Cut Potatoes as per manufacturer’s instructions and arrange into fi ve 6 inch skillets.

Arrange steak slices and mushrooms among the 5 skillets. Add cherry tomatoes (6 per skillet) and sprinkle with diced peppers.

Top with cheddar cheese and place in a high oven (190oC or 400oF) until cheese melts through.

Sprinkle with green onions if desired and serve immediately.