The Garlic Steakhouse Burger Courtesy Of: Ventura Foods The Garlic Steakhouse Burger 7 oz or 198g Ground Chuck Patty 1 each Brioche Bun 2 each Roasted Tomato, slices 1 oz or 28g Brie Cheese, slices 1 ea. Romaine Lettuce 2 ea. Applewood Smoked Bacon, thick cut 2 oz or 60ml Sysco Imperial Roasted Garlic Aioli Dip and Spread, two 1 oz./30 ml portions (SUPC 3242050) 1.Sear burger on preheated cast iron skillet for 3 min., flip and add cheese.
2.Cook for another 3 min. until desired temperature is reached.
3.Toast the brioche bun with butter.
4.Place 1oz./30 ml of the sauce on the bottom bun.
5.Place burger on top of sauce.
6.Place bacon on burger (cheese is already melted).
7.Top with tomato, lettuce and another 1 oz./30 ml of the sauce.
Chef’s Note: this recipe also works with a grilled chicken breast.