Caesar Style Vitello Tonnato Caesar Style Vitello Tonnato 1 Portion

1.      Sear tuna rare, refrigerate and dice (can be done ahead of time)

2.       Season, Flour, Egg wash and bread crumb the veal cutlet (can be done ahead of time)

3.       Sear veal in a hot pan in a few tbsp. of Olive oil

4.       Flip over and finish in the oven medium/med well

5.      Toss diced tuna with a little olive oil, lemon, minced parsley, check seasoning

6.       Grill mark the half a head of romaine on a hot char broiler

7.       Plate romaine, drizzle with olive oil and lemon

8.       Make a puddle of Caesar dressing and plate hot veal on top.

9.       Arrange the diced tuna on top of the veal

10.   Garnish with hard boiled eggs, fried capers and anchovies