Spicy Slider Trio Courtesy Of: Lorne Breckles Spicy Slider Trio 2 oz Maple Leaf Beef Smkd Pulled F/C 2 Maple Leaf (Arrezzio) Fully Cooked Pork Meatballs with Cheese 1oz 2 oz Maple Leaf (Sysco Imperial) Pork Tenderloin 1 slice Packer Avocado green /granny smith apple 1/12 of a wheel Cheese Brie Baby 1 slice Pepper Red Rstd Sweet 1 oz Dressing Mayo Sprd&Dip Chipotle 2 oz Sauce Hawaiin Pnapl Curry 1 oz Sauce Cheese Nacho Jalapeno CDN 1 ring Sysco Imperial Onion Ring Beer Batter 5/8” 1 tsp Spice Cumin Grnd CDN 1 tsp Spice Oregano Grnd CDN 1 tsp Spice Chili Pwdr CDN 1 tsp Spice Thyme Grnd 3 buns 2” burger bun ½ tsp each Salt and pepper Heat the required number of meatballs for service in the pineapple curry sauce and hold warm for service while heating the smoked beef and holding as well.

Mix the dry spices together and rub onto the cleaned pork tenderloin after rubbing it with olive oil. Roast at 350 F until internal temperature of pork reaches 145F. Let pork cool and slice into 1 oz pieces.

For service simply build the sliders by putting two meatballs on a bun with a slice of avocado, placing two slices of pork tenderloin on the bottom of a bun with one ounce of chipotle mayo a slice each of brie and granny smith apple topped with a slice of roasted red pepper and finally placing two ounces of smoked beef topped with an ounce of warmed jalapeño cheese sauce and the onion ring on the last slider.

Place them in the oven for a minute to temper the bun and plate.