Spicy Pork Terrine with Blue Cheese & Pistachio Courtesy Of: Lorne Breckles Spicy Pork Terrine with Blue Cheese & Pistachio Serves 8 2 lb Maple Leaf Sausage Hot Italian (raw) 5 slices Maple Leaf Ham Prosciutto Deli Sliced ½ cup Nut Pistachio Shelled ½ cup Cheese Blue Crumble ½ cup diced Sysco Imperial Pepper red bell large fresh 1 cup Jelly currant red 1 pinch ea Ginger pdr, mustard pdr, cayenne ¼ Packer Shallot fresh I tbsp ea Sysco Imperial Juice of orange and zest 1 oz Port 50 x ¼” slices Bakersource Bread French Parisian 3 oz Oil olive extra virgin 1 tsp Sysco Classic Garlic chopped in oil ½ cup Parsley Flakes Combine the red currant jelly, ginger, mustard and cayenne with the shallots, port, orange juice and zest to make a Cumberland sauce. Bake off garlic croustini with the Parisian bread and garlic infused oil. Line a 3 x 9 loaf pan bottom with the sliced prosciutto. Remove the casings from the sausage and mix together with the blue cheese, pistachios, parsley flakes and diced red pepper. Press the mixture firmly in the loaf pan and wrap with foil. Place the terrine in a water bath, cover the bath with foil and steam the terrine cooked to 155 F. this will take around 1 hour 15 minutes. Remove the terrine from the loaf pan by inverting on a plate and let chill. For service place two 2 ounce slices on a plate and finish with 2 ounces of Cumberland sauce and a few croustini.