Greek Pulled Pork Wrap Courtesy Of: Lorne Beckles Greek Pulled Pork Wrap 4 oz wt Maple Leaf Pulled Pork 2 oz vol Sysco Imperial Dressing Greek feta 2 oz vol Cheese feta crumbled hard 1 oz vol Arrezzio Classic Olive ripe sliced 1 leaf Sysco Natural Lettuce iceberg premium 1 oz vol diced Sysco Classic Pepper red bell fresh 2 oz vol Sysco Imperial Tomato bulk 6x7 fresh - diced 1 pc Bread pita flat 7” white 3 oz vol Dip hummas rstd red ppr 1 oz vol Wholesome Farms Butter solid sltd Brush both sides of the pita with butter and heat in a skillet or on a flat top grill. Warm the pulled pork any way you like and place at one end of a lettuce leaf. Top with the tomato, olives, peppers, feta cheese and Greek dressing and then wrap everything up. Place in the warmed pita bread and fold in half. Serve alongside the hummus.