Dijon BBQ Smoked Beef Pizza Courtesy Of: Lorne Breckles Dijon BBQ Smoked Beef Pizza Serves 4 8 oz wt Maple Leaf Fully Cooked Smoked Pulled Beef 4 oz wt Arrezzio Cheese ched/mozz blnd shrd 1 Arrezzio Dough ball pizza ind wrpd 2 oz vol Arrezzio Sauce marinara all purp 4 oz vol Sysco Imperial Sauce BBQ Dijon flavoured 4 oz vol Sysco Classic Pepper red bell fresh 6 oz vol Packer Mushroom sli 1/16 pzz 2 oz vol Corn meal bulk 1 cup approx Bakersource Flour all purpose Let dough balls thaw overnight in a refrigerator. Bring dough out and let warm to room temperature then pin out on a floured table. Spray a pizza pan with non stick pan coating, sprinkle with corn meal and place dough on pan.

Mix the bbq and marinara sauces together and spread on pizza dough. Dress the pizza with the smoked beef, mushroom, red peppers striped and top with cheese. Bake at 375 F on center rack of oven until crust is golden brown and cheese melts. It may be necessary to remove pizza from the pan when nearing completion to achieve the desired colour crust. Ovens always vary. Let rest three minutes and cut into desired number of pieces.