Bruschetta Tapenade with Smoked Beef Courtesy Of: Lorne Breckles Bruschetta Tapenade with Smoked Beef 3 oz Maple Leaf Fully Cooked, Smoked Pulled Beef 2 slices Maple Leaf Ham Prosciutto Sli Deli 4 x 1” balls Sysco Imperial Melon Cantaloupe Fresh 1 piece Cheese Mozz Bocconcini 80/25gr 1 ½ tsp Packer Herb Basil Fresh 1 tsp Sysco Natural Garlic Peeled Fresh Jar pinch Spice Pepper Blk Grnd CDN pinch Salt Coarse Kosher 1 tsp Caper Imported LG 3 slices Bread French Parisian 3 pearls Cheese mozz Bocconicini pearls 3 slices Sysco Imperial Tomato bulk 6x7 fresh 1 oz Arrezzio Sauce Pesto Sundried Tomato 2 oz Arrezzio Vinegar Balsamic Mix the pesto with 1 ounce of balsamic vinegar and coat the bocconcini. Skewer the cantaloupe balls, prosciutto and bocconcini with the cheese in the middle of the skewer and cantaloupe on either side of the prosciutto then refrigerate for service. Use the Parisian bread slices to make garlic croustini.

For the tapenade mix the basil minced with chopped garlic, pepper, coarse salt and remaining balsamic vinegar. Place a tomato slice on each croustini; top each with one ounce of smoked beef then top with the basil garlic mixture, drizzle with olive oil, place a few capers on and top with a bocconcini pearl.

Heat until warmed and serve with a prosciutto skewer.