Spicy Pulled Pork Mini Melts Courtesy Of: Josef Fritsch Spicy Pulled Pork Mini Melts Maple Leaf PORK PULL CKD,4 OZ BREAD BAGUETTE ARTISAN 22" CDN,6 SL APRICOT FRUIT DRIED,3 EACH Packer PEPPER JALAPENO,TO TASTE Sysco Imperial SAUCE BBQ CHIPOTLE CDN,1 FL OZ CHEESE JALAPENO MONT JACK SL,1 SL CHEESE PROVOLONE SLICES,1 SL Sysco Classic DRESSING COLESLAW CAN,.5 OZ Sysco Natural CABBAGE GREEN SHRD FRSH W/BAG,2 OZ Sautee dried apricots and Jalapeños, add pulled pork and BBQ sauce, heat, place 1 oz on each slice of baguette, top with sliced cheese and broil to melt cheese.