Pesto Meatball Portabella Mushroom Courtesy Of: Josef Fritsch Pesto Meatball Portabella Mushroom 4 servings Maple Leaf (Arrezzio) Italian Beef Meatballs Cooked, Cheese 1 OZ,12 PC Arrezzio SAUCE PESTO RED PEPPER RSTD,4 FL OZ MAYONAISE REAL,2 FL OZ OLIVE OIL EXTRA VIRGIN,1 FL OZ PEPPER RED RSTD SWEET,4 OZ CHEESE SWISS SLIC NAT,8 SLICES Sysco Natural LETTUCE SPRING MIX ORGANIC,4 OZ Sysco Classic MUSHROOM PORTABELLA MED FRSH,12 OZ (4 PC) Stir pesto and mayonnaise in small bowl to blend. Season with salt and pepper.

Brush mushroom on both sides with oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Grill, rounded side up, 4 minutes. Turn mushrooms over. Cover and grill until mushroom is tender, about 4 minutes. Place mushroom on gratin dish. Top with pesto mix and diced red peppers to cover, add 6 halved, preheated meatballs and top with Swiss cheese. Bake in oven or broiler until brown.

Place on plate, garnish with Springmix