Smokey BBQ Pork Spring Rolls Courtesy Of: David Franklin Smokey BBQ Pork Spring Rolls Pork Pulled Cooked,2 oz Vegetable Blend Fajita Strips,½ oz Sysco Imperial Green Onion Iceless,1 pc Casa Solana Cheese Cheddar Medium Colored Shredded,½ oz Sysco Imperial Sauce BBQ Chipotle,½ oz Dough Spring Roll Wrapper 8”,3 pc Wholesome Farms Egg Whole Liquid Fresh,¼ oz Cornstarch,½ Tbsp Sysco Imperial Sauce BBQ Smokey Reserve,2 oz Mayonnaise,1 oz Tabasco Sauce Green,1-2 dashes 1. Shred pork and combine with thawed fajita vegetables, bias cut green onions and shredded cheese.

2. Bind filling with barbeque sauce and mix well. Divide into three equal portions and form into sausage shapes.

3. Arrange spring roll wrappers point away from you, place filling towards the bottom corner.

4. Brush opposite two edges with egg wash. Fold side edges over filling and then bottom, roll up firmly making sure edges are sealed.

5. Repeat with other two spring roll wrappers and dust with cornstarch. Combine smokey bbq sauce with mayo then a couple of dashes of hot sauce and set aside.

6. Place rolls in a preheated fryer 3 4 minutes. Allow to rest 2 minutes and then slice on a bias.

7. Arrange on serving platter with dipping sauce.