Sticky Fingers Courtesy Of: David Franklin Sticky Fingers Maple Leaf Chicken Tender Supreme Crunch,3 pcs Seasoning Montreal chicken,¾ tsp Jade Mountain Sauce Orange Sesame,1.5 oz Sauce Tabasco Green,1-2 dashes Vinegar Rice,¼ oz Sysco Imperial Green Onion Iceless,½ pc Sesame Seed,½ tsp Noodle Shanghi,4 oz 1. Thaw noodles and soften in boiling water 4 5 minutes. Drain well

2. Deep fry noodles 3 4 minutes until bubbles subside and they are crisp. Drain well, season and lightly crush. Set aside.

3. Deep fry chicken tenders 4 5 minutes until golden brown and cooked through. Let rest for a minute and then sliced thinly on a bias. Mix orange sesame sauce with tabasco and rice vinegar then toss in sliced chicken fingers to coat.

4. Arrange fried noodles in the center of the serving platter and spoon chicken with remaining sauce over.

5. Sprinkle top with bias cut green onions and toasted sesame seeds then serve immediately.