Grilled Pepper Chicken Quesadilla Courtesy Of: David Franklin Grilled Pepper Chicken Quesadilla 8 sevings Maple Leaf Chicken Fajita Strips Black Pepper Fixins,8 oz Wholesome Farms Sour Cream ,12 oz Sysco Imperial Green Onion Iceless,3 pc Casa Solana Salsa, Fire Roasted Tomato & Jalapeno,12 oz Cilantro, bunch fresh,¼ bunch Spice Cumin ground,1 Tbsp Salt Kosher Coarse,1 tsp Casa Solana Tortilla Flour 12”,8 pc Sysco Imperial Lime Fresh,2 pc Casa Solana Cheese, Shredded Tex Mex,10 oz 1. In a large bowl, prepare batch filling:

2. Combine shredded cheese with half of the sour cream, chopped over fajita chicken, bias cut green onions, drained salsa (reserve juice), coarsely chopped cilantro, cumin and salt.

3. Spread 1/8 of the filling over half of one of the tortillas, fold other half over and repeat with remaining filling and tortillas.

4. Cook tortillas on a preheated grill until filling is hot about 2 minutes per side. Combine remaining sour cream with salsa juice to taste.

5. Slice tortilla into 6 pieces and serve with sour cream sauce and wedge of lime.