Phyllo Pastrami Sticks Courtesy Of: David Franklin Phyllo Pastrami Sticks Maple Leaf Fleetwood Pastrami Round,6oz Cheese Provolone Sliced,4 slices Sysco Imperial Tomato Bulk 6x7,1 pc Sysco Imperial Onion Yellow Colossal,¼ pc Sysco Classic Lemon,1 pc Spice Pepper Black Ground,¼ tsp Wholesome Farms Butter Unsalted,½ oz Mustard Dijon,1 oz Mayonnaise,4 oz Sysco Classic Honey Pure,½ oz Dough Pastry Phyllo Ready To Go,8 sheets 1. Separate eight individual sheets of brushed phyllo pastry, arrange them lengthwise in front of you. Fold each sheet in half so you have eight long narrow "doubled" sheets.

2. At the bottom of each sheet, divide thinly sliced pastrami equally amongst the eight pieces of phyllo.

3. Top the pastrami with half a slice of provolone, then thinly sliced tomato, paper thin onion and paper thin & seeded lemon.

4. Season each with black pepper and roll up like a cabbage roll. Brush each with a little melted butter to seal and repeat.

5. Combine mustard with mayo and honey, stir well and divide.

6. Bake two rolls per serving at 375F for 6 8 minutes until lightly browned and cheese is melted.

7. Allow to rest a minute before slicing on a bias and serving with honey mustard.