Cajun Sweet Potato Poutine Courtesy Of: David Franklin Cajun Sweet Potato Poutine 6 servings Maple Leaf Potato Fry Sweet 3/8”,40 oz Sysco Classic Oil Canola,2 oz Bakersource Classic Flour All Purpose,5 oz Sysco Imperial Onion Yellow Colossal,4 oz Sysco Imperial Celery Whole,1 stalk Sysco Classic Pepper Green Bell,4 oz Imperial/McCormick Seasoning Cajun,1 tsp Broth Chicken,32 oz Sausage Chorizo,½ pc Maple Leaf Sausage Debrezini,½ pc Sausage Italian cart Style,½ pc Salami Genoa,2 oz Sysco Imperial Pepper Red Bell,4 oz Wholesome Farms Butter Solid Unsalted,1 oz Cheeze Mozzarella Smoked,9 oz Sysco Imperial Green Onion Iceless,2 pc 1. Heat butter and oil together in a medium sauce pan until butter foams and subsides. Stir flour in with a long handled wooden spoon.

2. Stirring constantly and scraping the bottom so that the roux cooks evenly, "fry" the flour until it reaches an even "peanut butter"color.

3. Once the consistency has been achieved, remove from heat. Add half a cup each of the small diced onions, peppers and celery to bring temperature of roux down. Stir vigorously and add Cajun seasoning.

4. While roux is still hot, bring back over low heat and cook in the rest of the "Trinity" vegetables plus the small diced red peppers. Whisk in cold chicken broth and bring to simmer to thicken. Stir in thinly sliced sausages and small diced salami.

5. Fry sweet potatoes, drain and dust with Cajun seasoning. Top with grated mozzarella, sausage gravy and sprinkle with bias cut green onions.